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My name is Simon Ager, I live in Bangor in Wales and earn my living from this website. I'm originally from Lancashire in the northwest of England, and have also lived in France, Jersey, Taiwan and Japan.

Languages have fascinated me for as long as I remember and I've studied quite a few of them. My mother tongue is English, and I can speak Mandarin, French, Welsh and Irish (Gaelic) more or less fluently, have a fairly good knowledge of German, Japanese, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish and Manx (Gaelic), and a basic knowledge of Taiwanese, Cantonese, Esperanto, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Russian, Breton, Dutch, British Sign Language (BSL) and Toki Pona.

More details of my language learning adventures.

After languages my main passion is music - I sing in a number of choirs and other groups, write songs and tunes, play various musical instruments and often go to concerts. I also enjoy reading, and juggling.

By the way, in case you're wondering, my surname, Ager, is pronounced /'eɪgə/ (/'eIg@/). It apparently comes from the Saxon name Ēadgār.

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About me in other languages

These languages are arranged in alphabetic order according to their native names.

Note: not all the translations of this text are exactly the same as the English version. In some cases, this is because I've translated them slightly differently, in others it's because I don't know the languages well enough to be able to change the translations to reflect changes in the English text. If you can help keep any of the translations up-to-date, or have spotted things that need correcting, please contact me.