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Simon Ager juggling and unicycling

Juggling and other circus skils

I started juggling way back in about 1985 during my summer holidays when I had nothing much else to do. At first I practiced with tennis balls bouncing them off walls and in this way eventually mastered the 3 ball shower. Later I bought some books on juggling, learnt many more 3 and 4 ball patterns, and started to acquire various juggling props: beanbags, balls, rings, clubs, etc.

At university I joined the Juggling and Circus Skills Society and learnt quite a few new tricks, including the 5 ball cascade, multiplex with up to 7 balls, and passing balls and clubs. I also had a go at unicylcing, but never really got the hang of it.

After moving to Brighton in 1999 I took up a number of other circus-related activities, including devilstick, poi and staff spinning. In 2001 I finally got round to buying myself a unicycle, something I'd been intending to do for many years. It took me about six months to learn to ride it with confidence.

Then I had a go at combining unicycling with juggling and other things, which I'm still working on. I can juggle 3 clubs or up to 5 balls when on the unicycle. I can also do some poi, staff and devilsticks while unicycling.

At the moment I'm working mainly on 6 balls, and on 5 ball patterns. I've also started combining juggling and hacky sack. When the weather is suitable, i.e. when there's no wind, I have a go at 5 rings.


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