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Useful foreign phrases

A collection of useful phrases suitable for a variety of situations in many different languages with sound files for quite a few of them.

Index by phrase | Index by language | Index by language family

Greetings and small talk

Welcome | Hello | Good morning | Good afternoon | Good evening | Good night | How are you? | Long time no see | Please | Thank you | Excuse me | Sorry | Goodbye | Bon voyage |

Getting to know people

Pleased to meet you | What's your name? | Where are you from? |

Language difficulties

I (don't) understand | Please say that again | Please speak more slowly | Please write it down | Do you speak English? | Do you speak ...? | Speak to me in ... | How do you say ...? | I don't know |

Difficult situations

Go away! | Leave me alone! | Help! Fire! Stop! | Call the police! |

Special occasions

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year | Happy Easter | Happy Birthday |

Other phrases

Good luck | Cheers! | Bon appetit | Would you like to dance? | How much is this? | Have a nice day | Where's the toilet? | Get well soon | I love you | I miss you |

'Useful' fun phrases

My hovercraft is full of eels | One language is never enough | Stop the world, I want to get off! | This gentleman/lady will pay for everything | Say cheese! |

Time expressions

Telling the time | Days of the week | Months of the year | Seasons |


It's all Greek to me | It's raining cats and dogs | As easy as falling off a log | A sandwich short of a picnic | When pigs fly | Out of sight, out of mind | It's a small world

Idioms in: Czech | French | Russian | Slovak | Spanish

Tongue twisters

Proverbs and sayings

Proverbs in: Estonian | Indonesian | Kazakh | Manx | Language-related proverbs |


Entrance / Exit | No smoking | Open / Closed | Toilet signs (Gents / Ladies) |

Names of the seven dwarfs in various languages | Zodiac signs in various languages | Computer parts in various languages

Index by phrase | Index by language | Index by language family

If you'd like to make any corrections or additions, or can provide audio recordings of any of these phrases, please contact me.

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