Say cheese!

English-speaking photographers often ask people to 'say cheese' to get them to smile in photographs. This is because the ee in cheese, a close unrounded front vowel (/i:/), is hard to pronounce without a smile. In other language they might use words that contain this vowel, some other vowel pronounced with a smile, or words that people find amusing.

Language Phrase
Belarusian Ўсміхнуся! (Wsmikhnusia!) - smile
Bulgarian Усмивка! (Usmivka!) - Smile!
Зеле! (Zele!) - Cabbage!
Catalan Lluis
笑 (siu) - laugh / 小小 (síusíu) - a little
一 二 三 (yāt yim sàam) - one two three
茄子 (qiézi) - eggplant - used in China
七 (qī) - seven - used in Taiwan
笑一笑! (xiào yī xiào!) - smile
Croatian Ptičica (birdie)
Czech Vyletí ptáček! Řekněte sýr!
Danish Sig 'appelsin' (say orange)
Finnish Muikku (vendance) Sano muikku!
French Ouisitii! (marmoset) Souriez! (smile!) Pepsi!
Le petit oiseau va sortir (The little bird is going to come out)
German Spaghetti / Käsekuchen (cheesecake)
Wo ist das Vögelchen? (Where's the birdie?) - said to children
Lächeln (smile)
Ameisen-Scheisse (ant shit)
Greek (Modern) Πες τυρί! (Pes tyrí!) - say cheese
Hebrew Tagid 'chiz' - say cheese
Hindi हसो (haso) - laugh!
डट दिखाओ (dat dikhao) - show your teeth!
Hungarian Csíz [tʃi:z] (small bird)
Indonesian Katakan keju! (say cheese)
Buncis! (green beans)
Japanese Sei, no! / はい、チーズ! (hai, chiizu!)
Kannada ನಗಿ (nagu)
Korean 김치 (gimchi / kimch'i)
Spanish Patata (potato) - used in Spain
Diga 'whiskey' (say 'whiskey') - used in Latin America
Persian (Farsi) apple - (sib) سیب
Portuguese Digam X (say X [ʃiʃ]) - used in Brazil
Olha o passarinho (watch the birdie)
Romanian Zâmbeşte! (smile!)
Russian Скажи 'изюм!' (Skazhi 'izyum!') - Say 'raisins!'
Улыбнитесь! (Ulybnites'!) - Smile!
Улыбочку! (Ulybočku!) - a little smile
Slovenian Sir! [si:r] (cheese)
Swedish Sig appelsin (say orange) / Säg omelett! (say omelette)
Talossan Ditz "wisky"
Tamil சிரி (siri) - smile, laugh
Telugu Navvu
Thai Pepsi
Turkish Gülümseyin! (smile)
Ukrainian Посміхніться! (Posmikhnit'sya!) - smile

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