Say cheese!

English-speaking photographers often ask people to 'say cheese' to get them to smile in photographs. This is because the ee in cheese, a close unrounded front vowel (/i:/), is hard to pronounce without a smile. In other language they might use words that contain this vowel, some other vowel pronounced with a smile, or words that people find amusing.

Language Phrase
Belarusian Ўсміхнуся! (Wsmikhnusia!) - smile
Bulgarian Усмивка! (Usmivka!) - Smile!
Зеле! (Zele!) - Cabbage!
Catalan Lluis
笑 (siu) - laugh / 小小 (síusíu) - a little
一 二 三 (yāt yim sàam) - one two three
茄子 (qiézi) - eggplant - used in China
七 (qī) - seven - used in Taiwan
笑一笑! (xiào yī xiào!) - smile
Croatian Ptičica (birdie)
Czech Vyletí ptáček!
Řekněte sýr!
Danish Sig 'appelsin' (say orange)
Finnish Muikku (vendance)
Sano muikku!
French Ouistiti ! (marmoset)
Souriez ! (smile!)
Pepsi !
Le petit oiseau va sortir (The little bird is going to come out)
German Spaghetti / Käsekuchen (cheesecake)
Wo ist das Vögelchen? (Where's the birdie?) - said to children
Lächeln (smile)
Ameisen-Scheisse (ant shit)
Greek (Modern) Πες τυρί! (Pes tyrí!) - say cheese
Hebrew Tagid 'chiz' - say cheese
Hindi हसो (haso) - laugh!
डट दिखाओ (dat dikhao) - show your teeth!
Hungarian Csíz [tʃi:z] (small bird)
Indonesian Katakan keju! (say cheese)
Buncis! (green beans)
Japanese Sei, no! / はい、チーズ! (hai, chiizu!)
Kannada ನಗಿ (nagu)
Korean 김치 (gimchi / kimch'i)
Spanish Patata (potato) - used in Spain
Diga 'whiskey' (say 'whiskey') - used in Latin America
Persian (Farsi) apple - (sib) سیب
Portuguese Digam X (say X [ʃiʃ]) - used in Brazil
Olha o passarinho (watch the birdie)
Romanian Zâmbeşte! (smile!)
Russian Скажи 'изюм!' (Skazhi 'izyum!') - Say 'raisins!'
Улыбнитесь! (Ulybnites'!) - Smile!
Улыбочку! (Ulybočku!) - a little smile
Slovenian Sir! [si:r] (cheese)
Swedish Sig appelsin (say orange)
Säg omelett! (say omelette)
Talossan Ditz "wisky"
Tamil (formal) சிரி (siri) - smile, laugh
Telugu Navvu
Thai Pepsi
Turkish Gülümseyin! (smile)
Ukrainian Посміхніться! (Posmikhnit'sya!) - smile