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What's new on Omniglot?

This page lists significant additions and changes to Omniglot with the most recent at the top. The small changes I make every day are too numerous to include here.

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23rd April

New languages: Mato, Tami and Teiwa

New numbers pages: Aghul, Makalero and Teiwa

New constructed script: Vavileqel

New adapted scripts: Arabic Greek and Turkish Cyrillic

New articles:
- Common Spanish-English False Friends
- Language Starts in the Womb

16th April

New languages: Guinea-Bissau Creole and Kove

New numbers pages: Dothraki, Klingon and Kove

New article: Perfectionism and Language Learning

Improved page: Bislama phrases

9th April

New languages: Lote, Sikaiana and Sio

New constructed scripts: Lawrlang and Vibro Script

New phrases pages: Erzya and Moksha

New numbers page: Lote, Sikaiana and Sio

New Russian song: Песенка крокодила Гены (Gena the Crocodile's Song)

New article: 5 Reasons Slang is Important for Language Learning

2nd April

New languages: Andoa, Savosavo, Siar

New numbers pages: Savosavo and Wandamen

New article:
- A 5 Step Action Plan to Teach Your Child a Foreign Language

Improved page: Quenya

26th March

New languages: Kuot and Maskelynes

New numbers page: Maskelynes

New articles:
- Log your language victories: Word Rewards
- Listening Productively
- 20 Awesome British Slang Terms You Should Learn Today
- Top 10 Tips for Learning Vocabulary
- Linguistic Tourism: Starting a word log with ‘Cultural Tokens’

New recordings: Greek numbers and Greek time phrases

19th March

New language: Menominee

New numbers page: Rarotongan

New recordings: Gheg Albanian phrases and Yiddish phrases

New articles:
- Why Translators & Interpreters Should Consider Cross-Cultural Training
- How to Start Speaking a Foreign Language

Improved page: Nabataean

12th March

New language: Zigula

New numbers pages: Malayalam and Māori

New recordings: Greek phrases

New articles:
- How to Ensure Proper Language Development in Children
- Spanish is the Language of Happiness

Improved pages: Carian, Kurmanji Kurdish phrases, Loma

5th March

New language: Makonde

New numbers page: Ojibwe

New recordings: Gujarati phrases

New article: Popular English Acronyms Used in Private and Business Messages

Improved pages: Abaza, Basque and Dagaare

26th February

New languages: Hunsrik and Ledo Kaili

New constructed script: Torrnuq Syllabary

New numbers page: Ledo Kaili

New articles:
- 5 Apps to Help You learn Basque
- 5 Creative Writing Exercises Perfect for Spanish Learners

Improved page: Elfdalian phrases

19th February

New language: Serer

New constructed script: Kibat

New adapted script: Welsh Arabic

New numbers page: Hinukh

New weather page: Kadazandusun

New article: 6 Funniest Idioms You Never Knew Exist In The English Language

12th February

New languages: Acheron, Adamaua Fulfulde, Dengebu, Lumun and Tocho

New adapted script: Polish Cyrillic

New phrases page: Dari

New articles:
- Traveling To Countries Where You Don't Know the Language
- Which is the easiest language to learn?

5th February

New languages: Aringa, Avokaya, Chagatai, Keliko, Lugbara, Ma'di, Moru, Munsee, Olu'bo, Salish, Santa / Dongxiang, Wa'di

New adapted script: Tengwar for Arabic

New idioms page: Welsh

New article: How to Indicate Language Proficiency on your Resume

29th January

New languages: Baka, Bongo, Chrau, Jur Modo and Morokodo

New fictional alphabet: Fremen

New constructed script: Gagarit Abada

New numbers pages: Chagatai, Chrau and Kurdish (Kurmanji)

Improved pages: Faliscan, Messapic, Oscan and Umbrian

22nd January

New language: Tulishi

New phrases page: Herero

New numbers page: Cuzco Quechua

New recordings: Coastal Kadazan phrases

New articles:
- Importance of Interpreters in Court Rooms
- 12 Things You Should Have in Mind While Learning Polish

15th January

New languages: Kadugli, Kanga, Katcha, Keiga, Krongo, Kufa, Miri, Tolaki

New constructed script: Etiosi

New phrases page: Mossi

New numbers page: Juhuri

New proverbs page: Juhuri

New article: 6 Handy Dictionary Apps You Can Use To Augment Your Linguistic Skills

New recordings: Central Dusun phrases

8th January

New language: Edo

New constructed script: Shirn Brádulë

New fictional script: Ancient Alphabet

New adapted script: Heļagana / හෙළගන

New section: Weather phrases in Czech, German, Russian and Welsh

New phrases page: Quenya

New numbers pages: Abui, Helong, Kadazandusun, Sambawa, Sawila and Tolaki

New kinship page: Kadazandusun

New recordings: Cebuano phrases and numbers

1st January 2017

New writing system: Lontara Bilang-bilang script

New languages: Lotuko and Narim

New constructed script: Gridika

New phrases pages: Central Dusun and Coastal Kadazan

New numbers page: Paiwan

New article: Why math is the universal language

A Multilingual Happy New Year!

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