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What's new on Omniglot?

This page lists significant additions and changes to Omniglot with the most recent at the top. The small changes I make every day are too numerous to include here.

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7th February

New languages: Emilian-Romagnol, Fiji Hindi, Ligurian and Mòcheno

New phrases page: Bashkir

New numbers page: Ligurian

New articles:
- The Most Valuable Languages for an MBA to Learn
- How Language Learning Helps You Become A Broad-Minded Person

Improved page: Bashkir

31st January

New language: Picard

New numbers pages: Gilaki, Oroshor Sanglechi and Wakhi

New article: Interpretation through the Ages

Improved page: Assamese phrases

24th January

New writing system: Avoiuli

New languages: Khufi, Oroshor, Rushani and Sanglechi

New numbers page: Ishkashimi

17th January

New languages: Bartangi, Kongo, Ishkashimi

New article: What Free Online Translation Means to Translation Companies

Improved pages: Gilaki, Kpelle, Mazandarani

10th January

New languages: Cypriot Arabic and Khorasani Turkic

New constructed script: Tactile Rila Sign System

Improved pages: Archi, Dargwa, Hunzib, Khwarshi and Lak

3rd January

New languages: Arakanese and Bodo

New article: The Evolution of The English Language

Multilingual Happy New Year!

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