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Tulu (ತುಳು ಬಾಸೆ)

Tulu is a Southern Dravidian language spoken mainly in the southwest of Karnataka State and in part of northern Kerala State in India. There are also some Tulu speakers in Maharashtra State and in the Gulf countries. The 2001 India census reported 1.72 million Tulu speakers, though according to a 2009 estimate, the total number of speakers is between 3 and 5 million.

Tulu lipiTigalari alphabet

The Tigalari alphabet, which developed from the Grantha alphabet and resembles the Malayalam alphabet, was formerly used to write Tulu, However the majority of manuscripts in the Tigalari alphabet are in Sanskrit, with some in Kannada, and relatively few in Tulu. The earliest known texts in the Tigalari alphabet date from the 12th century AD.

The Tigalari alphabet was used mainly for for religious writings, and is still used to some extent in parts of Kanara region of Karnataka. For other purposes Tulu speakers use the Kannada alphabet.

Notable features

Tigalari and Kannada alphabets for Tulu


Tulu vowels

Vowel diacritics with pa

Tulu vowel diacritics


Tulu consonants

Tiglari alphabet provided by Srinidhi

Information about Tulu | Tower of Babel in Tulu


Information about the Tulu language and the Tigalari alphabet

Languages written with the Kannada alphabet

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Syllabic alphabets / abugidas

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