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The Jatapu are one of the major Scheduled Tribes in the India state of Orissa, mainly in the Srikalulam and Vizianagaram districts, and also in the Koraput and Ganjam districts. The Jatapu are part of the Khondas, who speak the Khond language in the hills and Telugu on the plains. They speak a dialect called 'Kuvi ' according to the 1911 available Census Report of Madras, the Khondas and Jatapus are considered as synonymous.

The titles Jatapu or Jatapu Dora, Khond, Samanthulu, Korings, Kodulu are used synonymously for the Kuvi speaking people. Kuvi is a Dravidian language spoken by the Khond. Jatapu is the 6th largest tribes of Andhra Pradesh with population of 1,18,613 (2001 censes). They are originally part of the ancient of Jeypore. As per the historical evidence this kingdom was under the Nawab of Bedar in the 13th century.

The literacy rate is very low among the Jatapu, since they consider that a child can contribute better by engaging in some economic activity at home rather than going to school

Jatapu script

This is a script for Jatapu devised by Professor Prasanna Sree.

Jatapu script

Information provided by Professor Prasanna Sree of Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India


Information about the Jatapu people and language

Scripts invented by Professor Prasanna Sree

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