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Saraiki (ਸਰਾਇਕੀ / सराइकी / سرائيكى)

Saraiki is a member of the Lahnda branch of Indo-Aryan languages and spoken by about 17 million people mainly in the central Pakistan provinces of Sindh and Punjab, and also in India, mainly in the state of Punjab.

Saraiki is also known as Siraiki, Seraiki, Multani, Lahndi and Western Punjabi, and is considered by some to be a dialect of Punjabi.

In Pakistan Saraiki is written with a version of Perso-Arabic alphabet, while in India the Gurmukhi and Devanagari alphabets are used, especially by Hindus.

Perso-Arabic alphabet for Saraiki

Perso-Arabic alphabet for Saraiki

Information about Saraiki alphabet and pronunciation complied by Wolfram Siegel

Sample text in Saraiki

Sample text in Saraiki



Information about the Saraiki language and culture Poetics.htm

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