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Mazandarani (مازرونی)

Mazandarani is a northwestern Iranian language spoken in Mazandaran (اُستان مازندران), Gīlān (استان گیلان) and Golestan (استان گلستان) provinces in the northwest of Iran by some 3.3 million people. Mazandarani is also known as Tabäri (تبری) and has a number of different dialects, including Gorgani, Ghadikolahi and Palani, and is closely related to Gilaki.

Mazandarani has a rich literary heritage which was produced mainly between the 10th and 15th centuries when Mazandaran was independent or semi-independent. During the 17th century Mazandarani was largely replaced by Persian as the language of literature and administration.

Mazandarani alphabet and pronunciation

Mazandarani alphabet and pronunciation

Information about the Mazandarani alphabet compiled by Wolfram Siegel.


Information about Mazandarani

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