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Luri (لوری)

Luri is a collection of Western Iranian dialects spoken mainly in Iran, and also in eastern Iraq, by about 5 million people. Luri, which is also known as Lurish, has four dialect groups: Northern Lurish (Minjaee), Laki, Bakhtiari (بختیاری) and Southern Lurish. These dialects are similar to Persian, and the Bakhtiari dialect is transitional between Kurdish and Persian.

Luri alphabet

Luri alphabet

Information about Luri provided by Mohammad Mogoei

Sample text in Luri

ای‌ما هوفتیئیم نه‌زیکیا سائت چارئو چارئو نیم. ونو که پآ ته‌ش بیئن ئو بیار بیئن همه‌نه بیآر که‌رده‌ن ئو و سورئت هه‌مه خوشونه آمآده که‌ردن سی ره‌ته وی‌ره قوله.


We slept until close to four or four-thirty. Those who were around the fire and who were awake awakened everyone and we quickly made ourselves ready to set out for the ambush.

Sample text supplied by Michael Peter Füstumum



Information about Luri

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