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Chakma   Chakma (Ojha Path)

The Chakma language (Changma Vaj / Changma Kodha) is an Eastern Indo-Aryan language closely related to Bengali and spoken by about 600,000 people in parts of Bangladesh and India. About half the Chakma speakers live near Chittagong in southeast Bangladesh, while the rest can be found in the states of Mizoram, Assam, and Tripura in northeast India.

Chakma is written with an alphabet known as Chakma, Ajhā pāṭh or Ojhopath. It developed from the Brahmi script of ancient India.

Notable features

Vowels and vowel diacritics

Chakma vowels and vowel diacritics


Chakma consonants


Chakma numerals

Sample texts in Chakma

Sample text in Chakma

A Bengali version of this text

A Bengali version of the sample text in Chakma


These are our words, shaped
By our hands, our tools,
Our history. Lose them,
And we lose ourselves.

Article 1 of UDHR in the Chakma alphabet

𑄝𑄬𑄉𑄴 𑄟𑄚𑄪𑄥𑄴𑄥𑄪𑄚𑄴 𑄥𑄴𑄤𑄙𑄩𑄚𑄴 𑄉𑄧𑄢𑄨 𑄃𑄬𑄇𑄴𑄇𑄧𑄃𑄨 𑄟𑄧𑄢𑄴𑄡𑄘 𑄃𑄢𑄴 𑄃𑄧𑄙𑄨𑄇𑄢𑄴 𑄣𑄧𑄚𑄬 𑄣𑄰 𑄎𑄧𑄚𑄴𑄟𑄧 𑄃𑄧𑄚𑄴𑅁 𑄖𑄢𑄢𑄴 𑄝𑄨𑄝𑄬𑄇𑄴 𑄝𑄪𑄘𑄴𑄙𑄨 𑄝𑄬𑄇𑄴𑄇𑄚𑄨 𑄃𑄉𑄬, 𑄥𑄬𑄚𑄧𑄖𑄴𑄖𑄬 𑄃𑄟𑄢𑄴 𑄝𑄬𑄇𑄴𑄇𑄪𑄚𑄬𑄣𑄴𑄣𑄬𑄃𑄨 𑄘𑄮𑄣𑄴 𑄌𑄨𑄖𑄴𑄖𑄧𑄣𑄰 𑄥𑄧𑄁𑄛𑄧𑄢𑄕 𑄃𑄪𑄌𑄨𑄖𑄴𑅁

Article 1 of UDHR in the Bengali alphabet

বেগ মানুষসুন স্বাধীনগরি এক্কই মর্যাদা আর অধিকার লনে লই জন্ম অন। তারার বিবেক বুদ্ধি বেক্কানি আগে। সেনত্তে আমার বেক্কুনেল্লেই দোল চিত্তলই সংপরানা উচিৎ।


Beg manussun sadingori ekkei morjada ar odhikar lone loi jonmo on. Tarar bibek buddi bekkani age. Senotte bekkunelei dol sittoloi songoporana usit.

UDHR translation provided by Abu Saleh Mohammad Sultan


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)


Information about the Chakma language and alphabet

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