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Kaithi    Kaithi (kāyăthī)

The Kaithi script developed from the Gupta script and was used from at least the 16th century to write a number of languages, including Bhojpuri, Maghadi, Urdu, Awadhi, Maithili and Bengali.

During the British colonial period the use of Kaithi was discouraged, except in Bihar, where it was made the official script of government offices and courts. As a result it is also known as the Bihar script. Elsewhere it was used mainly by the Kayastha, a Brahmin caste made up mainly of scribes and clerks, and the name Kaithi is derived from Kayastha, which means 'scribe' in Sanskrit.

Until the early 20th century Kaithi was widely used, but since then it has been largely replaced by Devanagari or other scripts, although it is apparently used to some extent in personal correspondence in rural areas.

Notable Features

Used to write:

Bhojpuri, Maghadi, Urdu, Awadhi, Maithili and Bengali.

Kaithi script

Vowels and vowel diacritics

Kaithi vowels and vowel diacritics


Kaithi consonants


Kaithi numerals

Sample text in Kaithi

Sample text in Kaithi



Information about Kaithi

Kaithi font

Syllabic alphabets / abugidas

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