Oroch (Орочи кэсэни)

Oroch is a Tungusic language spoken in eastern Siberia in the Russian Federation by about 8 people. It is spoken the Komsomolsky, Sovetskaya Gavan and Ulchsky districts of Khabarovsk Krai. There are three dialects: Tumninsky, Khadinsky and Hungarisky. Oroch is closely related to the Nanai and Udege languages.

The Oroch people originally called themselves нани ("man of the earth, people"), but now call themselves орочи ("deer-possessing/raising"), although they do not raise deer. This name is thought to have been spread by J.F. Laperouse, a French sailor who visited the area where they live in 1787.

A way of writing Oroch was devised at the beginning of the 21st century.

Oroch alphabet and pronunciation

Oroch alphabet and pronunciation


  • д = [dʒ] and н = [ɲ] before я, е, ё, и, ю and ь
  • е = [æ:~ie] before consonants except д and н
  • к= [ʰq] (also written as к') when between а and another vowel e.g. ак'ими [αʰqimi]
  • Vowel harmony: 1. hard vowels are а, о and у; 2. soft vowels are э and у; 3. neutral vowels are е and и e.g. угдавани [ʊɢdαvαɲi], хуӈкэвэни [xuŋkəvəɲi], отоӈговони [ɔtɔɴɢɔvɔɲi]
  • г [ɢ~ʁ], к = [q] ӈ = [ɴ] and х [χ] when next to а, о and у
  • г = [ɣ] or [ʁ] (differs according to vowel harmony) between vowels and syllable/word-finally
  • Long vowels can be marked with a macron

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Sample text in Oroch

Нима̄пу даӈса ду.
Нима̄пу даӈса ду.
Наму дагга хэм ая ба̄тунгу
Ниду сулакиду ӈоними игги,
ӈочкони игги туксаиду мападу.
Хоё, лака.
Бая, дёчонку.
Амбани хитэ.
Дю экэ.

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Information about Oroch

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