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Karata (КӀкӀирлӀи мацӀцӀи)

Karata is a member of the Avar-Andic branch of Northeast Caucasian languages spoken in Akhvakh and Khazavyurt districts of southern Dagestan in the Russian Federation. It has two dialects, Karatin and Tokitin, and is spoken in the towns of Karata, Anchix, Tukita, Rachabalda, Lower Inxelo, Mashtada, Archo, Chabakovo, Racitl and formerly Siux.

Karata is rarely written and speakers of Karata generally use Avar when writing.

Karata alphabet and pronunciation

Karata alphabet and pronunciation

Download Karata alphabet chart provided by Wolfram Siegel (Word doc, in German)

Sample text in Karata

Sample text in Karata

Source: З. М. Магомедбекова, Каратинский язык, Тбилиси 1971. (Z.M. Magomedbekova, Karata language, Tbilisi 1971.)


Information about Karata language and people

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