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Rusyn (русиньский язык / русиньска бесїда)

Rusyn is an East Slavic language with about 620,000 speakers in Slovakia, Serbia, Ukraine, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic. It is also known as Ruthene or Ruthenian in English.

Rusyn has two distinctive dialects: Carpatho-Rusyn, which is spoken in Ukraine and is closely related to Ukrainian and Russian; and Panonian-Rusyn, which is spoken in Slovakia, Hungary and the Serbian province of Vojvodina and is more closely related to West Slavic languages, particularly Slovak, with some influence from Hungarian. There are also speakers of Rusyn in the USA and Canada.

Rusyn alphabet and pronunciation

Rusyn alphabet and pronunciation

Corrections by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample text (Cyrillic alphabet)

Тож Шануйме Рідне Слово
Од Велика Аж До Мала
Вшытко Інше Зме Стратили
Лем Бесіда Нам Остала


Respect your native language
From the oldest to the youngest
While we've lost everything
Only our language has remained

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