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Erzya (Эрзянь кель)

Erzya is a Mordvinic language spoken by about half a milllion people in the Republic of Mordovia, and other parts of the Russia Federation. There are also Erzya speakers in Armenia, Estonia, Kazakhstan and other parts of Central Asia.

Erzya and Moksha (мокшень кяль), a closely related though mutually unintelligible language, are collectively known as Mordvin. These languages have co-official status with Russian in the Republic of Mordovia.

Erzya alphabet and pronunciation

Erzya alphabet and pronunciation

Information about Erzya pronunciation compiled by Wolfram Siegel

Sample text in Erzya

Мордовиясо 28 ноябрянь чистэ карми комсьвейксэце Государственной Собраниянь сессия. Кода мерсть РИА "Инфо-РМ", понедельникстэ депутатонь Государственного собрания заседаниянь советсэ анокстызь повестканть.


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