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West Polesian (Полісьська волода)

West Polesian is a Slavic microlanguage spoken the south west of Belarus, north west of Ukraine and in neighbouring regions of Poland. It is a kind of transitional language between Ukrainian and Belarusian, is considered to be a Ukrainian or Belarusian dialect by some.

West Polesian was occasionally written down during the 16th and 17th centuries, and a number of poems were written in it during the 19th century. Some West Polesian words and phrases were used in a poem written in 1901 by A Kuprin, and a West Polesian primer was published in 1907 in the Latin alphabet.

The first literature in West Polesian started to appear in 1988 written by the philiogist and poet Nikolai Shelyagoviča (Николая Шеляговича), who also set up an association to develop a written standard for the language. Since then a number of publications in West Polesian have appeared, including a newspaper.

West Polesian alphabet

West Polesian alphabet

Download a chart of the West Polesian alphabet (PDF in German)

Information about the West Polesian alphabet and pronunciation compiled by Wolfram Siegel

Sample text

Батьку, мамо, свето в нас, свето!
Выйшла на нашиjі мовы газэта!
Шэ ны газэта — шэ но бочына,
Алэ зрадніты сыба ны прычына?

Славмо-жэ ріднэньку пырыбудову,
Шо отчынее заганьбляну мову!

«Дзякуем перабудове» a poem by Аляксандра Ірванэця


Bat’ku, mamo, sveto v nas, sveto!
Vyjšla na našiji movy gazeta!
Še ny gazeta — še no bočyna,
Ale zradnity syba ny pryčyna?

Slavmo-že pidnen’ku pyrybudovu,
Šo otčynee zagan’blhanu movu!

"Dzjakuem perabydove", a poem by Alexander Irvanetsya



Information about West PolesianЗападнополесский_микроязык

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