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Gagauz (Gagauz dili / Гагаузча)

Gagauz is a Turkic language spoken by more than 400,000 people in Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and a number of other countries.

Gagauz was originally written with a version of the Greek alphabet. In 1957 the Cyrillic alphabet was adopted in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, and a version of the Latin alphabet based on the Turkish alphabet is used in Moldova, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey

Gagauz Latin alphabet (gagauz alfaviti)

Gagauz Latin alphabet


  1. G, K and L are palatalized / palatal before ä, e, i, ö and ü
  2. h = [h] at the beginning of words
  3. The letter Ţ ţ is only used in loanwords

Gagauz Cyrillic alphabet (гагауз алфавити)

Gagauz Cyrillic alphabet


  1. В, Г, К & Л are palatalized / palatal before ä, е, и, ö and ÿ
  2. Е = je and Ё = [jo] at the beginning of words, after ъ and after vowels
  3. The letters in blue are only used in Russian names and loanwords

Sample text in Gagauz (Latin alphabet)

Insannar hepsi duuêrlar serbest hem birtakım kendi kıymetindä hem haklarında. Onnara verilmiş akıl hem üz da läazım biri-birinä davransınnar kardaşlık ruhuna uygun.

Sample text in Gagauz (Cyrillic alphabet)

Ынсаннар хепси дууэрлар сербест хем биртакым кенди кыйметиндӓ хем хакларында. Оннара верилмиш акыл хем ӱз да лӓазым бири-биринӓ даврансыннар кардашлык рухуна уйгун.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Sample of spoken Gagauz

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