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Udmurt (удмурт кыл / udmurt kyl)

Udmurt is a member of the Permic branch of the Uralic language family and is spoken in the Russian republic of Udmurtia (Удмуртия/ Удмурт Элькун), where it is a co-official language with Russian. It has about 550,000 speakers and is closely related to Komi and Komi-Permyak

Udmurt is used to some extent as a language of instruction in schools, though only in primary schools in rural areas. There are several hours a day of Udmurt broadcasts on the radio and TV, and there are a number of newspapers and magazines in Udmurt.

Udmurt alphabet and pronunciation (удмурт кыл алфавит)

Udmurt alphabet and pronunciation

Information about Udmurt pronunciation compiled by Wolfram Siegel, with corrections by 이윤호 (Yun-ho Lee)

Sample text

Элькун азьмуртлэн резеденцияз кун кивалтон езъёслэн ыстэм муртъёссы, муницип кылдытъёслэн но ёрос администрациослэн торооссы, райпоослэн кивалтӥсьёссы гуртъёсын нимаз адямиосын поттэм ваньбурез басьтон но ас понназы ужась хозяйствоосты азинтон ужпумъёсты эскеризы. Та кенешын ик калыклэсь сӥльзэ но йӧлзэ басьтонэз умойгес радъянъя элькун конкурслы йылпумъянъёс лэсьтэмын.

Video in Udmurt

This is a song by Ivan Belosludtsev (Иван Белослудцев) & 4CP from Udmurtia that was entered in the Liet International song contest in 2012.

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