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Ingush (гӀалгӀай мотт / ġalġay mott)

Ingush is part of the small family of Nakh-Daghestanian or Northeast Caucasian languages spoken by about 230,000 people in Ingushetia and Uzbekistan. The Ingush call themselves Ghalghaaj and their language Ghalghaai Mott. The name Ingush comes from the village of Angusht where the Russians first encoutered Ingush speakers.

Ingush was originally written with a version of the Arabic alphabet. Between 1923 and 1937 it was written with the Latin alphabet. The Cyrillic alphabet was adopted in 1938, and a new version of the Latin alphabet was adopted in 1992.

Cyrilic alphabet for Ingush

Cyrilic alphabet for Ingush

The letters in blue are only used in Russian loanwords and names.

Some songs in Ingush provided by Магомет Албаков (Magomet Albakov)

Ingushetia gimn - Ingush anthem

Muzyka kaloya - Song of Kaloy

Sample text in Ingush

Sample text in Ingush

Source: Определитель языков мира по письменностям. Академия наук СССР. Москва – 1965.

Sample text supplied by Wolfgang Kuhl


Information about Ingush, dictionary, phrases, songs, etc (in Russian)

Ingush transliteration system

Республика Ингушетия / Republic of Ingushetia (in Russian)

The Ingush Language / Ghalghaai mott, by Johanna Nichols of the University of California, Berkeley:

News from Ingushetia (in Russian and English)

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