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Standard written form of Cornish

At a meeting of the Cornish Language Partnership last month, a new standard written form (SWF) of Cornish was ratified after much discussion, according to a report on maga. A specification of the SWF, which is also available on that site, states that: “The SWF is not meant to replace other spelling systems, but rather […]

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Celtic connections

Apart from the odd word here and there, the vocabularies of the two living branches of the Celtic language family, Brythonic (British) and Goidelic (Gaelic), appear to bear little resemblance to each other. So far I’ve only found two words that are exactly the same in Welsh, Irish and Scottish Gaelic: blas (taste/flavour) and glas […]

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Moves are apparently being made to establish a single written form of Cornish, which currently has four different spelling systems. The Cornish Language Partnership has set up a Linguistic Working Group consisting of Cornish speakers with a good knowledge of the language to recommend a solution to this excess of orthographies. A conference will be […]

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