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My Tunes

I started composing tunes in 2015. Before then I often improvised on various instruments, especially the piano, but never composed anything specific. One day I decided to try composing an actual tune. Since then I've written quite a few - a mixture of jigs, hornpipes and other kinds of tunes.

Tunes often emerge when I'm noodling around on the piano or cavaquinho. Sometimes I decide to write a tune to go in a set with others, or decide to write one in a particular key. Other times I think of a name, then write a tune to go with it. In most cases I don't write tunes down, but record them on my phone, then on my computer.

My tunes get played, by me and others, at folk music sessions in and around Bangor, and one of my friends is going to include some of them in a book he's producing of tunes from North Wales.

Some recordings are on multiple instruments, others have multiple parts on a single instrument.

You can see the scores for some of my tunes and songs on Musescore and you can support me by signing up for Musescore Pro via this link.

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