I’ve been asked to let you know about IndyLan (Mobile Virtual Learning for Indigenous Languages), a new EU-funded app developed to promote Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Cornish, Northern Saami, Basque and Galician languages and the cultures.

It’s available on iOS and Google Play, and the developers are looking for users who speak these languages to test it. Can you help?

You can provide feedback to them on this questionnaire.

More information:

I might just try to learn some of these languages – I’ve already learnt quite a bit of Scottish Gaelic, and some Scots and Cornish, and would like to learn more.

2 thoughts on “IndyLan

  1. Interesting – I wonder why they have singled out Gàidhlig among the Q-Celtic languages but ignored Gaeilge and Gaelg? And what about Cymraeg? Perhaps they don’t class that as ‘endangered’ – what do you think, Simon?

  2. I don’t know why they’ve chosen Gàidhlig particularly. Maybe it has something to do with the project being based in Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.

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