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Obrigados / Obrigadas

According to someone who wrote to me today, the words obrigados/obrigadas are only used in Portuguese to mean ‘obligated’, and are not used to thank more than one person. However, according to João Rosa, who wrote the article Obrigado – how to express your gratitude in Portuguese, these words are used to mean ‘thank you’ […]

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Zulu songs

In the Bangor Comunity Choir we often sing songs from southern Africa in languages like Xhosa and Zulu. I don’t speak these languages, yet, and neither does anybody in the choir, so we’re never entirely sure how to pronounce the words. We usually have a rough translation of the words, so we at least know […]

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One of the songs we’ve been singing in the Bangor Community Choir recently is a Zulu one from South Africa called eGalile. The words are: eGalile, eGalile sohlangana eGalile washo uJesu kuba fundi bakhe sohlangana eGalile My knowledge of Zulu is very limited and I’m not sure all the words are written correctly, but with […]

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