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Devanagari Ligatures in Sanskrit Fonts

This is another guest post by Marcis Gasuns. Namaskar, It’s been a problem ever since the first font was created and never truly solved until this day. The typefaces used to print Monier-Williams Sanskrit dictionary or MacDonnell’s Grammars have not been beaten by the PC fonts – they are much weaker. The god of typography […]

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Devanagari Fonts

Namaste, Simon agreed that I’ll occasionally post reviews about Asia, India and devanagari, typography and some font & linguistic software related matters as well. I’m a young man, born in Riga and spreading the Sanskrit message around the world. Working as a Sanskrit Reader in Russia, teaching at the Russian State University and writing a […]

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Word of the day – typography

Typography is: 1. the art or process of printing from type; 2. the art or process of setting and arranging type for printing; 3. the arrangement, style, or general appearance of printed matter (from yourdictionary). It comes via French and Latin from the Greek τύπος (typos), to strike + γραφία (graphia), to write. I chose […]

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Typo Tour

I received an email today about what is apparently the first Typographic Tour of Italy or Il Grand Tour della tipografia italiana. When I first saw the subject of the email I thought someone was organising a tour of Italy especially for typographers. Then I realised it’s actually a virtual tour via images and text […]

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Rivers of white and run arounds

Continuing yesterday’s theme of typography, here are a few more interesting typographic terms I came across today: River of white – a column of white space that occurs when word space in quite a few successive lines of type happen to end up below each other, as mentioned by P Terry Hunt in the comments […]

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