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Any Fijians out there?

A translation agency has contacted me asking for help finding someone who can translate from English to Fijian. If you can do this, or know someone who can, please contact Stephen at as soon as possible. Thank you / Vinaka

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Lowlands-L Anniversary Celebration

Lowlands-L Anniversary Celebration is an interesting website I discovered recently which features translations of a Low Saxon / Low German folktale, De Tunkrüper (The Wren), in numerous languages. There are also details of the languages and recordings of some of the translations. The author of the site, Reinhard F. Hahn, is keen to collect translations […]

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Mr. Passenger is Informed

Today we have a guest post by Paul Sawers, a Communications Executive at Lingo24. As one of the few mono-linguists working for a very multi-lingual translation company (Lingo24 – even the programmers can speak at least two languages…), I certainly don’t think I’m in any less of a position to comment on some of the […]

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Literary translation

Have you ever wondered what kind of challenges you might encounter when translating Asterix? It’s not just about translating the dialogues – there are also numerous names, verbal and visual puns, songs and accents to deal with, and you have to fit the translated text into the speech bubbles. An interesting site – Literary Translation […]

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Online sign language translator

There are many sites that translate between different languages, but a site I found today called Sign Translate is the first one I’ve seen that translates between English and sign language. The site is intended for health professionals working in Britain’s NHS (National Health Service) and provides translations from English to and from British Sign […]

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Criticism and shoes

There’s a saying in English that goes something like this: “don’t criticise someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes”. A corollary that’s sometimes added is: “If they don’t like your criticism, you’ll be a mile away and you’ll have their shoes”. Aislinn Thomas, whose blog, In Your shoes, describes how she puts this […]

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Cultural interpreters needed?

Most British managers think they should make more effort to learn about the business practices of other countries before visiting them, and two thirds find their lack of knowledge about other cultures embarrassing, according to an article I found today. A survey of just over 200 senior managers and directors of major UK companies found […]

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The other day the editor of Lingro contacted me asking for comments on his site, which describes as a multilingual online dictionary and language learning site. The dictionary part can be used to look up words in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Polish. You can also open a webpage, Word doc, PDF or text […]

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Cathlab Multilingual Phrasebook

I received an email today from a nurse who works in a hospital in Melbourne, Australia and who is compiling a collection of multilingual phrases to assist communication with non-English speaking patients while an interpreter is being sought. He is looking for more translations and sounds files. Can you help? His contact details are on […]

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Chinese names

The Chinese versions of candidates’ names in some Massachusetts ballots apparently have some unfortunately comical or negative meanings, according to an article I came across today. For example, one candidate’s name could be translated as “Sticky Rice” or “Uncooked Rice”, another’s as “High Prominent Noble Educated” or “Stick Mosquito”. I’m trying to work out what character were […]

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