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Today we have a guest post by Anna, the author of Comunicamo Practicing languages via chat rooms or with pen-pals may be very helpful but for many of us it is often hard to choose an appropriate discussion topic. Comunicamo is a free website that allows you to practice foreign language by commenting on current […]

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A useful-looking website I heard about today is Lang-8, which describes itself as a a social networking service site for language exchange and international communication. Users can write journal entries in a language they’re learning, and get them corrected by native speakers of that language. There are also groups for particular language combinations, e.g. Japanese […]

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Tuning into Czech

Last Saturday I went out with some Czech and Slovak friends, and was pleased to discover that I could get the gist of what they were talking about in Czech and Slovak. Although I could only catch the odd word and phrase, this was enough to get a basic idea of the subjects under discussion. […]

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My plan to stick to one language for two days at a time is going quite well so far. Previously I usually only listened to one or two different programmes at a time on online radio stations. Listening to one station all day is interesting as you get to hear a greater variety of programmes […]

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What shall we talk about?

Language exchange is a great way to practise languages you’re learning and to learn more. In my experience, it works best if those involved have reached a similar level in the language(s) they’re studying – ideally at least an intermediate level. Sometimes the conversation flows, other times it limps along like an ostrich trying to […]

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Practice makes perfect

I’ve been chatting with a number of people in Mandarin, Taiwanese and Japanese today. After many years of neglect, my command of these languages is gradually improving. My Mandarin is more or less fluent, though there are many gaps in my vocabulary, which I’m doing my best to fill. Some of the people I’ve been […]

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More language exchange

I came across yet another language exchange site today. It looks similar to other ones I’ve joined and I’ll give it a go. The site has a subscription-based ‘Gold’ membership, for $6 per month, which gives you extras not available with free membership, such as being able to contact other members. Regular members can only […]

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