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Links: Translation

Most of the sites listed on this page provide free online translation of text and/or webpages between a number of different languages.

Name translations and transliterations | Free translation | Multilingual translators | Bilingual translators | Find a translator | Translation-related articles | Translation blogs | Electronic dictionaries and translators

Lost In Translation Agency Game by Copypanthers

Name translations and transliterations

These are websites offering translation and/or transliteration of names, words and phrases in a variety of languages and writing systems.

Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Thai


Information about Tibetan | Tibetan phrases | Tower of Babel in Tibetan | Tibetan learning materials

Elvish / Tengwar
Translations into Elvish (Quenya/Sindarin) and transliterations into Tengwar

Cirth | Sarati | Tengwar, Quenya & Sindarin) | Uruk Runes | Tolkien-related links | Books about Tolkien's invented languages | Tolkien's books in various languages


Information about Mandarin | Mandarin phrases | Mandarin links | My Mandarin learning experiences | Mandarin learning materials


Japanese language | Written Japanese | Hiragana | Katakana | Kanji | Rōmaji | Phrases | Numbers | Colours | Tower of Babel | Japanese links | Learning materials | My Japanese learning experiences

WikiTranslation, where you can request a translation from the community, or help other members by translating their requests

Mongolian (traditional script)

Information about Mongolian | Mongolian phrases | Tower of Babel in Mongolian | Mongolian learning materials

Irish & Scottish Gaelic

Information about Scottish Gaelic | Phrases | Numbers | Kinship terms | Tower of Babel | Songs | Links | My Gaelic learning experiences | Learning materials


Information about Russian | Russian phrases | Russian idioms | Tower of Babel in Russian | Russian links | My Russian learning experiences | Russian learning materials

Ancient Greek,14.0.html

Information about Greek | Modern Greek phrases | Ancient Greek phrases | Tower of Babel in Modern Greek | Tower of Babel in Ancient Greek | Greek links | Greek learning materials | Books about the Greek alphabet


WikiTranslation, where you can request a translation from the community, or help other members by translating their requests

Information about the Latin alphabet | Information about the Latin language | Latin phrases | Tower of Babel in Latin | Latin learning materials

Arabic - free translation of names and phrases into Arabic

Information about Arabic | Phrases in Arabic | Tower of Babel in Arabic | Arabic links | Arabic learning materials | Books about the Arabic script | Arabic electronic dictionaries and translators


Information about Tagalog | Tagalog phrases | Numbers in Tagalog | Tower of Babel in Tagalog | Tagalog learning materials

Please note: some sites have a policy of not providing translations intended for tattoos.

Online dictionaries | Electronic dictionaries and translators

Byvox, professional online translation and interpretation via app, web and mobile

Arabic Translation Services in Egypt
Future Trans is an established and trusted provider of Arabic Translation Services in the Middle East & Africa. Since 1994 we have been proudly serving global and local companies succeed across the region. We help businesses localize their products, reach their consumers in the region, and boost their brand visibility and recognition.

Free translation

Websites where you can obtain free or low-cost translations.

Free translation by humans

linguae professional translations

Free Translation Forums

myGengo - Simple, low-cost human translation


Translation software, handheld translators and other translation products

Ackuna Translate

Free translation app

Multilingual translators

Please note

Online translation sites enable you to understand the gist of a piece of foreign text or website, but are not entirely accurate or reliable and are no substitute for a human translator. For an illustration of this, see:

Free online translation between many languages

Free Website Localization

A collaborative translation project to help webmasters get free multilingual versions of their web sites:

Apex translations

Document and website translation services in more than 120 languages

WikiTranslation, where you can request a translation from the community, or help other members by translating their requests

İngilizce-Türkçe Çeviri

Online translation between 35 languages

Prestige Network free resources (Multilingual Appointment Card and Language ID Card)

How To Translate PDF Files to Different Languages for free

Translation Directory

One of the most trusted directories of translation related sites in Internet. Translation Trusted Directory is a high quality human edited directory of the best web resources cataloged in an intuitive and easy way to find:

linguae professional translations

English 'Dialect' Translators (Scouse, Geordie, Cockney, Brummie, etc.) (Cumbrian) (Swedish Chef) (Pirate) (Redneck, Elmer Fudd, Pig Latin, etc.)


Translation software, handheld translators and other translation products


Bilingual translators

Arabic - English


Chinese - English - have your name or other words or phrases translated into Chinese

English - Indonesian

Polish - English

Persian (Farsi) - English

English - Spanish

Translation Software, Dictionary, Spellchecker,...


Find a translator

Translator forums and databases of translators

FreelancerSupport - lists translation jobs and has other resoures for translators

linguae professional translations

Translation School: Worldwide translation schools directory

Carrie Booth - French to English translation services

English-German translation help service


Translation-related articles

Articles about translation, typesetting and related topics

Articles about translation, language, etc.

Articles about translating, interpreting and web globalization

Articles about translation, localisation and language learning

Translation Journal - A Publication for Translators by Translators about Translators and Translation:

Better Languages Translation News

Translation White Papers

Translation Industry Articles by SureLanguages

How to Translate PDF Documents Without Learning Another Language

How to become a translator

Translation and language-related articles on Omniglot


Foreign Language Translation Service

Controlled Language - Etteplan | Tedopres offers controlled language implementation services and helps to achieve cost savings and compliance in a variety of industries

Blogs and translation and interpreting


Learn Chinese Characters with the Omniglot Chinese app | Language Jobs at
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