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Links to online Italian language resources

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Information about the Italian language

Minority languages in Italy

Recordings of Italian dialects

Online Italian lessons and other resources for learners

Rocket Italian

Online Italian courses and lessons

Children's stories in Italian

Italian verb conjugators

Find Italian Tutors, Teachers and Lesson Help

Italian learning blog

- Learn Italian with Glossika
- Learn Italian online with ItalianPad101
- Italian learning software
- Learn Italian online
- Learn to speak Italian confidently and naturally with Rocket Italian
Find Italian Tutors on Preply

Learn a Language - Easy, Fast & Fun. As Seen on TV!

The Italian Language - history, comments and facts about Italian, plus a pronunciation guide and several specific word lists:

Italian Language Test

Italian exercise and other resources for learners

Italian dictionaries

Online Italian dictionaries

The Juventus Offside Comprehensive Calcio Dictionary (glossary of Italian football terms:

Italian Electronic talking dictionaries

Italian language radio

Online Italian radio

Other Italian radio stations available online

Italian language news

Online Italian newspapers

More online Italian newspapers and other sources of news

Corsi di lingua in italiano







Italian pages on Omniglot

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