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Links: Language and linguistics

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Language and linguistics information and resources

Ethnologue - a guide to all the languages of the world (6,800 of them anyway)

iLoveLanguages - Your Guide to Languages on the Web

Language Museum - information about and samples of over 2000 languages

Mundolingua - a language museum in Paris

The World Atlas of Language Structures

Multilingual atlas of Europe

Word Spy - the word lover's guide to new words

The Word of the Day - daily tweets about words and language

LinGuessed - helps you identify the language something is written in

Languages directory - links to language-related resources

Multilingual Nation - languages of the British Isles

World Wide Words - investigating international English from a British viewpoint:

Eurocosm UK - Guide to European Life & Culture (include language learning resources):

Lorem Ipsum - random text generator for a variety of languages

Every Tongue - recordings and texts in over 2,000 languages

Online spellcheckers for various languages

First Voices - information about the native languages of Canada

Lingua Món - Casa de les Llengües (House of Languages) - a body set up by the Government of Catalonia with the aim of promoting the world's languages, with information in many different languages from Arabic to Russian:

A history of Scottish languages

Creounity Time Machine - universal date converter

Unit convertors (Area, length, speed, etc)

En Famille International - organizes long-term linguistic and cultural exchanges for children and teens ages 9 to 16 in France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, the UK, Canada, and the USA:

Language and numbers - details of counting systems for over 90 languages

Language community site for bilingual and multilingual people living in London, UK, and Ireland:

Lingu@net WorldWide - the multilingual centre for language teaching and learning

Askalo - a location-based question and answer web community that allows people to get to know langauge and culture in 40 different countries:

TES Teaching Resources - free classroom resources, worksheets and lesson plans uploaded by teachers:

Local Queries - search via language/country

Information about international address formats and postal codes - Linked Languages Resources

Language Comparison

Translations of popular English songs

Language learning and teaching resources such as flashcards, grammar and course books, self study and exam materials

Language-related forums

More language-related Links

Multilingual Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary


Individual languages

Europanto - articles by Diego Marini in and about the English-based pidgins used by Europeans:

HandSpeak - information about visual (sign) languages, communication, cultures and arts:



Linguist List - large collection of information about language and linguistics

The Ling Space - accessible and up-to-date content and discussion about linguistics and other language topics

Lingwiki - a linguistics wiki project

Blogs about linguistics

Online literature and audio books

Literature in English

Literature in other languages

Lingolibros - Bilingual Books

Turkistan Library


Languages in the news

Inttranews - Daily news for the language industry


Language-related articles

Articles about language, translation, interpreting, writing, literature, etc. (in Albanian)

Open History Project - a not-for-profit organization that helps people share and preserve the stories that matter to them - the Online Language Source - includes articles on language, writing and related topics:

The Worlds in Words - articles and podcasts about languages

Language-related articles on Omniglot

Unplag Plagerism Checker


Language-related blogs

Blogs about language, travel and related topics.

Blogs about Chinese languages

Blogs about Spanish

Recommended books

books Language learning materials



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