Links: Language and linguistics

Language and linguistics information and resources

Ethnologue - a guide to all the languages of the world (6,800 of them anyway)

iLoveLanguages - Your Guide to Languages on the Web

Language Museum - information about and samples of over 2000 languages

Mundolingua - a language museum in Paris

The World Atlas of Language Structures

Multilingual atlas of Europe

Word Spy - the word lover's guide to new words

The Word of the Day - daily tweets about words and language

LinGuessed - helps you identify the language something is written in

Languages directory - links to language-related resources

Multilingual Nation - languages of the British Isles

World Wide Words - investigating international English from a British viewpoint:

Eurocosm UK - Guide to European Life & Culture (include language learning resources):

Lorem Ipsum - random text generator for a variety of languages

Every Tongue - recordings and texts in over 2,000 languages

Online spellcheckers for various languages

First Voices - information about the native languages of Canada

Lingua Món - Casa de les Llengües (House of Languages) - a body set up by the Government of Catalonia with the aim of promoting the world's languages, with information in many different languages from Arabic to Russian:

A history of Scottish languages

Creounity Time Machine - universal date converter

Linguini - find language specialists (translators, interpreters, proofreaders and copywriters):

En Famille International - organizes long-term linguistic and cultural exchanges for children and teens ages 9 to 16 in France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, the UK, Canada, and the USA:

Languages Directory

Language and numbers - details of counting systems for over 90 languages

Language community site for bilingual and multilingual people living in London, UK, and Ireland:

Lingu@net WorldWide - the multilingual centre for language teaching and learning

Allo' Expat - the leading expatriate one-stop information centre

Askalo - a location-based question and answer web community that allows people to get to know langauge and culture in 40 different countries:

TES Teaching Resources - free classroom resources, worksheets and lesson plans uploaded by teachers:

Local Queries - search via language/country

Information about international address formats and postal codes - Linked Languages Resources

Translations of popular English songs

Language-related forums

More language-related Links

Multilingual Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary


Individual languages

Motivation! a newsletter for learners of Spanish

Europanto - articles by Diego Marini in and about the English-based pidgins used by Europeans:

HandSpeak - information about visual (sign) languages, communication, cultures and arts:



Linguist List - large collection of information about language and linguistics

Lingwiki - a linguistics wiki project

Blogs about linguistics

Online literature and audio books

Literature in English

Literature in other languages

Turkistan Library

Listen to more than 25,000 audio books programs. Choose from popular and informative categories. Join now and receive free MP3 player.


Languages in the news

Inttranews - Daily news for the language industry


Language-related articles

Articles about language, translation, interpreting, writing, literature, etc. (in Albanian) - the Online Language Source - includes articles on language, writing and related topics:

Language-related articles on Omniglot


Language-related blogs

Blogs about language learning, language-related topics and travel

Polyglot link - a portal for language learners and polyglots to find and share their blogs and websites:

Blogs about Chinese languages

Blogs about Spanish

Recommended books

books Language learning materials


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