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Links: Online language learning resources

General language learning resources

Language Directory - links to online language courses, dictionaries, newspapers, etc

Free Language - Lessons, Podcasts, Courses, Audio, Video, Study Guides, Learning Materials

RhinoSpice - request, make and listen to free recordings in many languages

book2 - Learn languages online for free

Language learning games and other resources

Language e-books for many languages

Bardito Languages - information about and in Italian, Hebrew, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Russian, Lithuanian, etc:

Myngle - find a language teacher and learn a language online

Foreign Language Home - a variety of language learning resources and advice

GrowStoryGrow - The story-telling resource for learning languages

Tower of Babelfish - How to learn any language to fluency effectively and efficiently

ready2speak - a system that helps you learn how to communicate in any language

Language Box - links to a wide range of language resources

Selection of free online dictionaries, translators and language courses

Parleremo - a virtual town that teaches languages

Parrot Time - a magazine covering language, linguistics and culture

Lingu@net Europa - the multilingual centre for language learning

Lexis Rex - Language discovery and learning software

Digital Dialects - animated activities for language learners

Babble - language learning and community website

Audio-text sychronized books in various languages

Forvo: the pronunciation guide

Languages Quick fix - words and phrases (with audio) in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish and German:

Mango Languages - an online language-learning system that teaches conversation skills for 12 different languages (free trial available):

Your Language Guide

Internet Polyglot - free language lessons online

Learning Languages Fast - tips and advice and links to online resources

Buusu - a social language learning community - your language portal: dictionary, language quizzes and much more

SightWords - free resources to teach your child to read

Unplag Plagerism Checker

CorrectMyText - write texts in foreign languages and have them corrected by native speakers:

Online spelling and grammar checkers for various languages

MySpelling - test your spelling in English, Spanish, French, Russian and Hebrew

Find a language teacher

Tutoria (Germany) - Private teaching in English and more

Language-related images

Lonweb: everything to learn languages and more

Links to language learning and other educational resources

Engoi - free online language learning resources

LanguagePod101 - online lessons in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish - One-2-one lessons with a live tutor online Anytime | Anywhere

Spaced repetition systems (SRS) and flashcards

Free bilingual children's stories / cuentos bilingües para niños

Word Bucket - a dictionary, notebook and language teacher that helps you save and remember words and phrases

Reviews of various language courses (Rosetta Stone, Rocket Languages, etc)

Reviews of language courses and schools

Links to online language courses and other resources

Multilingual Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary

How not to forget vocabulary in foreign languages

Links to online language courses


Vocabulary learning resources

Collections of vocabulary in many different languages

Names of the planets in 90+ languages

Astronomical dictionary in 15 languages

Unplag Plagerism Checker

MAGUS: Multilingual Animal Glossary of Unveiled Synonyms

e-vocabulary - The Comprehensive Multilingual Online Vocabulary for Hotel and Tourism Industry:

Mulivo: the multilingual vocabulary resource

Vocabilis Multilingual - a vocabulary builder with text-to-speech abilities that automates your language studies:

moreVocabulary - How to learn foreign vocabulary and why

Vocabuflash - for learning Spanish vocabulary

WordLayer - Learning Languages Made Fun - Practise your vocabulary with images - free vocabulary, phrases, grammar and flashcards for many languages - One-2-one lessons with a live tutor online Anytime | Anywhere

Other sites that help you learn vocabulary is various languages

How not to forget vocabulary in foreign languages


Verbs and verb conjugators

Sites that help you learn verbs and verb conjugations in a variety of languages.

Information about grammatical conjugation

Verb conjugation for various languages

Arabic verb conjugations

English verb conjugations

French verb conjugations

German verb conjugations

Italian verb conjugations

Portuguese verb conjugation

Russian verb conjugations

Spanish verb conjugations

Cost Cutters - language and other learning resources for younger children.

Learn a language in just 15 minutes a day with Lexikeet

Language learning materials


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