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Learn French with Frantastique

Links to online French language resources

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Information about the French language

French lessons and other resources for learners

Learn French grammar through interactive lessons/exercises

Online French lessons

- Learn French with Glossika
- Learn French with FrenchPod101
- Learn French with Rocket French
- French learning software
- Learn French with LinguaLift
- Frantastique: French learning Online
- Learn French online
- AL French Pro Online French Course
Find French Tutors on Preply

Learn a Language - Easy, Fast & Fun. As Seen on TV!

Find French Tutors, Teachers and Lesson Help

Cours de français Orthographe & Expression écrite
Frantastique propose des cours de français personnalisés : orthographe, grammaire, conjugaison, syntaxe et expression écrite.

French phrases

Online French verb conjugators

French games for learners

Rocket French

French language guides and collections of online resources

Learn French pronunciation

The French Correction - a free French proofreading and correction service

Awesome French Youtubers

French for kids

French children's songs and nursery rhymes

Children's stories in French

Resources for French teachers and learners (vocabulary, grammar, exercises, etc.)


Les cours de langues en ligne en français




La Cour de l'Anglais Facile - LE site du Toeic

Le basque

Le breton

Le corse

Le danois


Le gallo

Le grec


Le finnois

Le néerlandais

Le norvégien


Le picard

Le russa

Le thaï

Le turc

Le vietnamien

Apprendre une langue étrangère (Allemand - Russe)


French dictionaries

Monolingual French dictionaries

Learn French grammar through interactive lessons/exercises

ARTFL Encyclopédie

Bilingual/Multilingual French dictionaries

French Electronic talking dictionaries


French language radio and TV




Best French Movies on Netflix


French language newspapers and magazines



Les journaux belges



Tous les Journaux (France, Algérie, Belgique, Luxembourg, Maroc et Tunisie


Information about France

About France

A guide to living in France

Study in France - information about life as a student in France


Information about French | Phrases | Numbers | Family words | Idioms | Colours | Telling the time | Grammar | Tongue twisters | Tower of Babel | Articles | Links | French learning materials



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