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Links: English language

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General sites about the English language

History of the English language

Information about the English language

Hanging Hyena - puzzles and games

Articles about English language and culture


Dialects of English

Dialects of English

Accent Map of the British Isles

International Dialects of English Archive

Worldwide Accents of English


Cumbria dialect

Dorset Dialect

Durham & Tyneside Dialect

Estuary English

Lancashire dialect

Dialects of North East England

Yorkshire dialect

Huddersfield dialect


Scottish Vernacular Dictionary


American Dialect Society


Canadian English

Harvard World-wide English Dialects

The Chat Slang Dictionary

Slangit - The Slang Dictionary


Guides to various varieties of English

United Kingdom English for the American Novice

American and British English differences

The Best of British - The American's guide to speaking British.

NZ English to US English Dictionary

Collections of English dialects recordings

Simplified Technical English


English slang

Cockney Rhyming Slang

Dublin Slang


Yooper Dialect

Philly Slang

Ozark Slang

Australian Slang

New Zealand Slang

Urban English - English to Russian slang glossary


Online English language courses

ingilizce dersleri (English lessons in Turkish)

Online tools for the English language

Effortless English - video and blog posts teaching everything you need to know about learning English

Learn English pronunciation and phonetics

English Xtra - a comprehensive suite of activities for learners of English

English Speaking - Learn to speak English and improve your spoken English

Learn English online with EnglishClass101
English learning software
Find English Tutors on Preply

How to pronounce (American) English words and use them

Learning Chocolate - free vocabulary games for students to learn English vocabulary online:

Guides to English grammar

Grammar and spell checkers

Resources about writing in English

Rhyming dictionaries and related sites

Blair English - business English exercises

Online English test

The English Alley - learn English vocabulary

ESL worksheets

Games for learning English

İngilizce Dersi Slayt İngilizce Konu Anlatımı Yazılı Soruları

Busy Teacher - resources for teachers of English as a second/foreign language


Online English language dictionaries

Oxford English Dictionary

Collins Online dictionaries

Merriam-Webster Online


Cambridge Dictionaries Online

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

English Dictionary

RapiDefs English dictionary>

English Literature Dictionary & Glossary for students

Memidex - and English dictionary with definitions, audio and etymology - the world's fastest, smartest dictionary

Fine Dictionary


Online English language radio (Australia) (Canada) (Ireland) (UK) (USA) (USA)


Literature in English available online

Bibliomania - articles, drama, fiction, interviews, poetry and short stories

Page By Page Books. Read Classic Books Online, Free

The Literature Network: Online classic literature, poems, and quotes. Essays & Summaries - full and unabridged texts of classic works of English literature.

Shmoop Literature Study Guides

100 essential sites for voracious readers


Online audio books in English and other languages

LiteralSystems - Free Audio Books

LibriVox - free online audio books

1000+ Free Books, MP3 Audio Books

Open Culture - free audio books in a variety of languages

The Bible in MP3 Audio


Alternative spelling systems for English

There have been numerous prosposals to simplify, reform and/or improve the spelling of English. Below are links to a few of them.

Simplified Spelling Society

Fanetik - Reformed (Phonetic) English Spelling

S4 Phonetics - a simplified phonetic system for US and UK English

Spelling Reform - And The Real Reason It's Impossible

English Spelling - Problems in learning to read and write

A number of alternative alphabets for English have been devised, including:
Deseret, Interbet, Quikscript, Shavian and Unifon

Constructed scripts for English


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