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Sindarin   Sindarin

Sindarin is a fictional language invented by J.R.R. Tolkien and spoken by the Grey-elves or Sindar in his books about Middle-earth (The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, etc). Sindarin is loosely based on Welsh and was originally called Gnomish.

Tolkien also created a number an alphabets to write Sindarin - Tengwar, or Feanorian letters. There are a number of different ways or modes in which it is used to write Sindarin.

Tengwar - Sindarin mode

Sindarin consonants

Sindarin vowels

Vowel placement
Illustration of how Tengwar vowels are placed in Sindarin mode

Punctuation marks

Tengwar punctuation marks


Tengwar numerals

Tengwar numerals are written from right to left.

Sample text (Mode of Beleriand)

Sample text in Sindarin in the Mode of Beleriand


Ennyn Durin aran Moria: pedo mellon a minno!
Im Narvi hain echant. Celebrimbor o Eregion teithant i thiw hin.


Gate of Durin, King of Moria, say friend and enter!
I, Narvi made them. Celebrimbor of Eregion drew these signs.
(inscription on the Gate of Moria)

Tengwar pages

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