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Adaptations of existing alphabets for natural languages

These are ways to write languages with alphabets not normally used to write them devised by visitors to Omniglot.

These scripts are all invented by visitors to Omniglot. If you have invented a new alphabet and would like me to add it to this site, please read the How to submit a con-script page.

Adaptations of:

Arabic alphabet | Cyrillic alphabet | Japanese scripts | Korean (Hangeul) alphabet | Latin alphabet | Other alphabets

Download fonts for some of these alphabets

Other sites featuring constructed scripts

Constructed scripts for: Ainu | Chinese languages | Dutch | English | Korean | Russian | Spanish | Tagalog | Vietnamese | Other natural languages | Phonetic/universal scripts | Constructed scripts for constructed languages | Adaptations of existing alphabets | Fictional alphabets | A-Z index

Other writing systems

Abjads, Alphabets, Syllabic alphabets, Syllabaries, Semanto-phonetic writing systems, Undeciphered scripts, Alternative writing systems, Constructed scripts, A-Z index, Direction index, Languages by writing system, Languages by family, Language index

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