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There was quite a bit of talk about ventriloquism on an episode of QI I watched recently, mainly because one of the guests was a ventriloquist. The word ventriloquism comes for the Latin words venter (stomach, belly, womb) and loquī (to speak) so it means “to speak from the stomach”. It was known as εγγαστριμυθία […]

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Lyrics Translate

The other day I came across a useful site called Lyrics Translate, where you can find, submit and request translations of songs. It currently contains translations between a wide range of languages, including English, German, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Polish and so on, and the site itself can be viewed in a variety of languages. There […]

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Polishing off your Polish

There’s apparently been a significant increase in the numbers of people learning Polish in recent years, especially since 2004, according to this article, and many of them come from the UK or Ireland. Many language schools that used to teach mainly English and German to Poles are now offering courses in Polish as a foreign […]

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Objazd / Diversion

Where might you see a sign like the one on the right? The answer, according to an article I found last week, is in Cheshire, England. The sign reads “DIVERSION A49 for Whitchurch and nearby places” and was erected by the Cheshire County Council, who claim that it is needed due to the large numbers […]

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Sounds familiar

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been learning the Polish version of Silent Night (Cicha Noc). While trying work out how to pronounce the Polish, I noticed that some of the the Polish consonants are similar to those found in Mandarin Chinese. For example: Polish c [ts] = Mandarin c, as in 次 Polish ć […]

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Word of the day – uśmiechnięta

Today’s word, uśmiechnięta, means ‘smiling’ in Polish, and appears in the Polish version of Silent Night: Cicha noc, święta noc, pokój niesie ludziom wszem, A u żłóbka Matka święta czuwa sama uśmiechnięta, Nad Dzieciątka snem. Nad Dzieciątka snem. The singing group I go to at the Hammersmith Irish Centre in London will be performing (for […]

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