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Word of the day – kai

kai /kai̭/ [Māori] (verb) to eat, consume, feed (oneself), partake, devour. (noun) food, meal. Related expressions include: kai moana = seafood, shellfish wāhi kai = café, restaurant (wāhi = place) hari kai = a song to entertain visitors as food is set out (hari = joy, happiness) The Māori word kai is mentioned quite a […]

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Maori language in Hawaii

According to a news item I found today, it’s possible to study the Maori language at the University of Hawaii. The Maori courses, which are taught at the Manoa campus, are popular with Hawaiian students, who are interesting in Maori because it has many similarities with the Hawaiian language and they are curious to find […]

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Māori spelling

This post was inspired by an email I received today from someone who wanted to know why the f sound in Māori is written wh, as in Whangarei. According to a number of sites I found, Māori was first written down by missionaries who had little or no training in phonetics or phonology, and there […]

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