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Recently I was sent a link to an infographic containing some apparently untranslatable words for love, and this got me wondering if there really is such a thing as an ‘untranslatable’ word or concept. The words featured in lists of ‘untranslatable’ words are often given poetic-sounding meanings, and other more ordinary and common meanings they […]

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Lyrics Translate

The other day I came across a useful site called Lyrics Translate, where you can find, submit and request translations of songs. It currently contains translations between a wide range of languages, including English, German, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Polish and so on, and the site itself can be viewed in a variety of languages. There […]

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New Finnish Grammar

I’m currently reading New Finnish Grammar, an English translation of Diego Marani’s novel Nuova grammatica finlandese. It is the story of a man who is found unconscious with a serious head injury on a street in Trieste and who is cared for by a Finnish doctor, who believes he is Finnish as his jacket has […]

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Bones of earth

A composer called Daniel J Hay contacted me today asking for help with a piece he’s working on entitled Tears For Earth. In the first movement, Bones of Earth, he wants to have a chorus of speakers in counterpoint to the tenor solo repeating the phrase “bones of earth” (or “the bones of the earth”) […]

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This sentence in Judeo-Arabic was sent in by a visitor to Omniglot who would like to know what it means. האדא כלאמהום. אלדי יגאוובון עלא האדה מסלכהום. ומא ענדנא גוואב נגרח להאדא גוואבהום Can you help? I put it into Google translate and got this transliteration: Hada Achlamhum. Baldi Igaauubon Ala Shahada Msllachhum. Ma Endana […]

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Tweak verb – 1. To pinch, pluck or twist sharply. 2. To adjust; fine-tune. 3. To make fun of; tease. noun – 1. A sharp, twisting pinch. 2. A teasing remark or action; a joke. [source] Etymolgoy: From the Old English twiccian (to pluck), from the Proto-Germanic. *twikjonan. We were discussing tweaking last night in […]

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Quick Czech question

Can any of you translate the following bit of Czech into English – “Zdravím předladatele”? A visitor to Omniglot has asked for help with this.

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Translator specs

A Japanese company has come up with a gizmo called a Tele Scouter / テレスカウター which can translate what people say to you in foreign languages and display the results via a retinal display attached to your glasses. The Tele Scouter is a small gadget that fixes onto glasses which incorporates a retinal display, a […]

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The Lion and the Mouse

Emilio Gonzalez, who works as an intercultural mediator with immigrant children in Tenerife, emailed me to see if I could help to translate a short story into as many languages as possible. Here’s the original Spanish version, and the English version: El león y el ratón Érase una vez un ratón que salió de su […]

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Any Fijians out there?

A translation agency has contacted me asking for help finding someone who can translate from English to Fijian. If you can do this, or know someone who can, please contact Stephen at as soon as possible. Thank you / Vinaka

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