It's a small world

How to say "It's a small world" in various languages. This is an idiom you might use when you find connections between people you weren't aware of, e.g. when you discover that someone knows a person that you know, or you see a familiar face in an unexpected place.

LanguageIt's a small world
Arabic (al'aalam sagheer!) العالم صغير!
BasqueZe txikia den mundua! Hau bai mundu txikia! Ze mundu txikia!
BulgarianСветът е малък! (Svetãt e malãk!)
CatalanQué petit és el món!
Chinese (Mandarin)這世界真小啊! [这世界真小啊] (zhè shìjiè zhēn xiăo ā)
CroatianSvijet je mali!
CzechSvět je malý!
DutchDe wereld is zo klein! De wereld, mijn dorp!
EstonianMaailm on väike!
FinnishMaailma on niin pieni! Maailma on pieni!
Frenchle monde est (vraiment) petit / quel petit monde, hein ?
GermanWie klein die Welt doch ist! Die ganze Welt ist ein Dorf!
Unsere Welt ist ja so klein!
GreekΤί μικρός που είναι ο κόσμος! (Ti mikros pou ine o kosmos!)
Gujaratiસંસાર કેટલુ નાનું છે! [sansaar ketlu naanu Che!]
Hebrew (zeh olam katan!) עברית: זה עולם קטן!
Hindiसंसार कितना छोटा है! [sansaar kitnaa Chotaa hai!]
HungarianEz egy kis/kicsi világ! Milyen kicsi a világ! A világ kicsi!
ItalianIl mondo è piccolo! Com'è piccolo il mondo! Tutto il mondo è paese!
KapampanganKalati na ning yatu!
Kurdish (donyayeeki bechuka!) دونياييکي بچوکه!
LithuanianPasaulis mažas! Koks mažas pasaulis!
MacedonianСветот е мал!
Perian (donyaye kuchaki ast!) دنياي کوچکي است!
Polish Świat jest mały / Jaki ten świat mały!
PortugueseO mundo é pequeno!
RussianМир тесен! (Mir tesen!)
SerbianСвет је мали! (Svet je mali!)
SlovakSvet je malý!
SlovenianSvet je majhen!
Spanish ¡Qué pequeño es el mundo! ¡El mundo es un pañuelo!
TagalogMundong maliit! Daigdig na maliit! Maliit na daigdig!
Ang kaliitan ng mundo! Maliit ang daigdig!
TurkishDünya küçük!
Urdu (duniyaa kitnii Chotii hai!) دنيا كتنى چهوٹى ہے!
VietnameseThế giới thật nhỏ bé!
WelshMae'r byd yn fach!



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