Slovak idioms

A collection of idiomatic expressions in Slovak with English equivalents and translations.

IdiomsEnglish versions
Ak chceš s vlkmi žiť, musíš s nimi vyťIf you want to live with wolves you have to howl with them
Ako sa do hory volá, tak sa z hory ozývaWhat scream goes to the mountain, the same goes back
Božie mlyny melú pomaly, ale istoGod's mills are more insured than functional
Ráno múdrejšie večera Morning is wiser than evening = one should sleep well before taking an important decision or starting a difficult task.
Byť v koži niekoho inéhoTo be in the skin of somebody else
Čerstvý ako rybičkaFresh as fish
Hodiť flintu do žitaTo throw the rifle into the corn = to give up
Hrať sa na slepú babuTo play on a blind squaw
Chodiť okolo horúcej kašeTo walk around hot porridge (beat around the bush)
Je mi to platné ako mŕtvemu kabátThis is as useful to me as a coat to the dead
Je to ako hrach na stenu hádzaťIt is like throwing peas on the wall
Je to pre mňa španielska dedinaIt is all a Spanish village to me (incomprehensible)
Kto do teba kameňom, ty do neho chlebom Who with a stone into you, you with a bread into him
Kúpiť mačku vo vreciTo by a cat in a poke
Liezť na nervyTo climb upon nerves
Lož má krátke nohyThe lie has short legs
Mám to v malíčkuI have got it in my little finger
Mať chrobáka v hlaveTo have a beetle in one's mind
Mať z pekla šťastieTo have a fortune from the hell
Najlepšia obrana je útokBest defence is offence
Tam je pes zakopanýThe dog is dug over there
Nemaľuj čerta na stenuDon't paint the devil on the wall
Padli si do okaThey fallen into each other's eye
Pokojný ako AngličanCalm as an Englishman
Remeslo má zlaté dnoA craft has a golden bottom
Ťahať niekoho za nosTo pull one's nose
Vrana k vrane sadá, rovný rovného si hľadá – A crow is sitting by crow, an equal is looking for another equal
Vyšiel na psí tridsiatokHe went on a dog's thirties

Slovak idioms compiled by Martina Spidlova

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