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Omniglot app

There is now an Omniglot app for Andriod developed by علي الساعدي (Ali al-saaedi Ali shirpaz) from Iraq. It only works online at the moment, and is available here. Any comments or suggestions on how it might be improved are welcome. Many thanks to علي الساعدي for doing this.

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Social Media Helps Threatened Language Threatened by Social Media

Today we have a guest post by Alissa Stern of On the eve of the Balinese holy day of knowledge, learning, and wisdom (Saraswati Day), a free innovative multi-media Balinese-Indonesian-English wiki dictionary was just made available to people in Bali and throughout the world. The wiki uses social media to save Balinese, a language […]

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International Conference ICT for Language Learning

Here is a conference that might be of interest to you: International Conference ICT for Language Learning. It takes place in Florence in Italy from 13-14 November 2014, and will bring together teachers, researchers, practitioners and project managers from all over the world to share findings, expertise and experience about integrating innovative technologies and solutions […]

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The other day I discovered how to add subtitles and speech bubbles to my videos on YouTube. I’ve added them to my latest video in Spanish: So you can now have the speech bubbles with the dialogue in Spanish, the subtitles in English, or both, or neither. It was quite a fiddly and laborious process […]

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Txtng n N’ko

There’s an interesting article in the New York Times about how it is now possible to send text messages and emails in N’Ko, an alphabet invented in 1949 to write Mande languages of Guinea, Mali and Ivory Coast. Thanks to various iPhone apps and other software use of this alphabet is increasing. It also helps […]

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Learning a Language with Flashcards

Today we have a guest post by Andrew Cohen. Having been a reader of the Omniglot blog for quite some time now, I have seen a lot of discussion about the usefulness of flashcards for help learning a language – particularly as a tool for practicing vocabulary and verb conjugation. Spaced-repetition systems (SRSs) like Anki […]

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Tibetan mobiles

A mobile phone which can send and receive text messages in Tibetan has been developed in China, according to this report. Such phones have apparently existed for a few years, but the new phone is a bit different as it can recognise handwritten input in Tibetan. A useful Tibetan-related site I came across today is […]

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Translator specs

A Japanese company has come up with a gizmo called a Tele Scouter / テレスカウター which can translate what people say to you in foreign languages and display the results via a retinal display attached to your glasses. The Tele Scouter is a small gadget that fixes onto glasses which incorporates a retinal display, a […]

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Text to speech

I came across a useful site today that can read out texts in many languages and voices, including Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. While I’ve seen similar text-to-speech sites for languages like English, Spanish, French and German, this is the first one […]

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Omniglot on YouTube

One of the members of the Omniglot forum (imbecilica) has posted a video on YouTube featuring sceenshots from the Omniglot website, blog and forum, a select of texts in different writing systems, and extracts from recordings in different languages. There is also an Omniglot page on Facebook.

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