Nuskhuri (ⴌⴓⴑⴞⴓⴐⴈ)

The Nuskhuri alphabet was used to write Georgian from the 9th century AD. It developed as a variant of the Asomtavruli alphabet, and became the main alphabet for Georgian from the 10th century.

From the 10th century until the 19th century Nuskhuri was used as the main alphabet for Georgian, with Asomtavruli used for titles and illuminated capitals. This mixed script is known as Khutsuri ("clerical").

In the 19th century the Mkhedruli alphabet, which first appeared in the 10th century, became the main way to write Georgian.

Nuskhuri continues to be used as one of the official scripts of the Georgian Orthodox Church, along with Asomtavruli and Mkhedruli.

Nuskhuri alphabet

Georgian Nuskhuri alphabet

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Sample text in Georgian in the Nuskhuri alphabet

ⴗⴅⴄⴊⴀ ⴀⴃⴀⴋⴈⴀⴌⴈ ⴈⴁⴀⴃⴄⴁⴀ ⴇⴀⴅⴈⴑⴓⴔⴀⴊⴈ ⴃⴀ ⴇⴀⴌⴀⴑⴜⴍⴐⴈ ⴇⴀⴅⴈⴑⴈ ⴖⴈⴐⴑⴄⴁⴈⴇⴀ ⴃⴀ ⴓⴔⴊⴄⴁⴄⴁⴈⴇ. ⴋⴀⴇ ⴂⴀⴀⴙⴌⴈⴀⴇ ⴂⴍⴌⴄⴁⴀ ⴃⴀ ⴑⴈⴌⴃⴈⴑⴈ ⴃⴀ ⴄⴐⴇⴋⴀⴌⴄⴇⴈⴑ ⴋⴈⴋⴀⴐⴇ ⴓⴌⴃⴀ ⴄⴕⴚⴄⴍⴃⴌⴄⴌ ⴃⴀ-ⴛⴋⴍⴁⴈⴑ ⴑⴓⴊⴈⴑⴉⴅⴄⴇⴄⴁⴈⴇ.


q'vela adamiani ibadeba tavisupali da tanasts'ori tavisi ghirsebita da uplebebit. mat gaachniat goneba da sindisi da ertmanetis mimart unda iktseodnen da-dzmobis sulisk'vetebit.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

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Information about the Nuskhuri alphabet

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