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The Avoiuli script is used to write Raga, a Southern Oceanic language spoken mainly on Pentecost Island in Vanuatu, and other languages of Vanuatu, such as Apma, Bislama and English. It was devised by Chief Viraleo Boborenvanua over a 14 year period starting in the 1990s, and is based on traditional sand drawings. The name Avoiuli comes from the Raga words avoi (talk about) and uli (draw/paint).

Notable features

Avoiuli is taught at a school in Lavatmanggemu in the northeast of Pentecost Island. It is used by members of the Turaga indigenous movement, and for record keeping by the Tangbunia indigenous bank, which deals with traditional forms of wealth, such as mats, shells and boar tusks.

Avoiuli Script

Avoiuli script

Source: http://gekbarna.tumblr.com/post/103150824123/the-photo-above-and-documentation-of-avoiuli-below

The photograph below shows a stone inscribed with the Avoiuli script.

Stone with an Avoiuli inscription


Information about the Avoiuli scrip


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