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North Picene

North Picene was spoken in the central-eastern Italy. It is known from four inscriptions which date from the 1st millenium BC, and consist of just 60 words. It was written with a version of the Old Italic alphabet, and therefore the words can be read. However their meanings remain a mystery.

One of the inscriptions is known to come from the Servici Cemetry in Novilara, a village near Pesaro in the region of Marche. The other inscriptions are thought to come from the same place, however their archaeological provenance is uncertain. It is thought that the inscriptions date from about 650 BC.

Notable features

North Picene alphabet

North Picene alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for North Picene (Excel)

Sample inscription

Sample inscription in North Picene

Sample text

mimniś erút gaareśtadeś
rotnem úvlin partenúś
polem iśairon tet
śút tratneši krúviś
tenag trút ipiem rotneš
lútúiś θalú iśperion vúl
teś rotem teú aiten tašúr
śoter merpon kalatne
niś vilatoś paten arn
úiś baleśtenag andś et
šút iakút treten teletaú
nem polem tišú śotriś eúś

This is a transcription of the longest inscription in North Picene from the Novilara Stele.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Picene_language


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