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Words for words, calls, cries and related words in Celtic languages.

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Proto-Celtic *gāri = shout, call
*garyeti = to cry, shout
*gar(r)man- = cry, shout
*garyo- = word, command
*garyos = call, cry
Gaulish *Garomaros / Garo-marus = personal name
adgarion = accuser (?)
Old Irish (Goídelc) gairm = call, name, summons
gairid [ˈɡarʲiðʲ] = to call, cry out, summon
adgair [aðˈɡarʲ] = to summon
congair [konˈɡarʲ] = to call, summon; invite
dogair = to call
Middle Irish (Goídelc) gairm = call, name, summons, cry, name, title, calling, employment, profession
gairid = to call
Irish (Gaeilge) gáir [ɡɑːɾʲ/ɡæːɾʲ] = cry, shout; report, fame, notoriety; to cry shout; laugh
gáire = to laugh
gáieach = laughing, smiling
gáieachtach = noisy, vociferous; laughing, merry
gairm [ˈɡaɾʲəmʲ/ˈɡɪɾʲəmʲ] = call, calling, acclaim
(an tuiseal) gairmeach = vocative (case)
gairmí = professional
gairmiúil = vocational, professional
slua gairm = slogan
Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) goir [gɤrʲ] = to call, cry, hoot, crow
gàir [gaːrʲ] = to laugh, cry shout; outcry, shout, clamour
gàir nan tonn = the roar of the waves
gairm [ɡɤrʲɤm] = calling, crying, call, cry, announcing, declaring, convenning, call of the cockerel
gairmeachadh = (act of) calling
gairm-choileach = cock-crow
gairm-chatha, gairm-chogaidh = war-cry
sluagh-gairm = slogan
tuiseal gairmeach = vocative case
Manx (Gaelg) gerr = crow, shout
gerr chah = war cry
gerrym = crowing, outcry, shouting, whoop, whooping, (cock) crow), avocation, mission, profession, vocation
gerrymagh = vocative
gerrymoil = professional, vocational
gerrym caggee = battle cry, call up, war cry
gerrym chellee = cock crow
sleih gerrym = slogan
Proto-Brythonic *gėr [ɡe̝ːr] = word, speech
Middle Welsh (Kymraec) geir = word
gaur, gawr = shout, cry
garddu = groan
garym, garm = shout, cry, outcry, clamour
garymleis, garamleis = scream, clamour
Welsh (Cymraeg) gair [ɡai̯r] = word, speech, phrase, greeting, salutation, short exhortation, saying, proverb; verb; line of poetry, verse; report, rumour, information, letter, reputation, fame, praise
geiriad = wording, phraseology, phrase
geiriadaf, geiriadu = to word, phrase, express
geiriadur = dictionary
geiriaduraf, geiriaduro, geiriadura = to compile a dictionary
geiriaduriaeth, geiriaduraeth = lexicography; vocabulary; grammar
geiriadurwr = lexicographer, dictionary-maker
geiriog = wordy, verbose
garm = shout, cry, outcry, clamour
garmlais = scream, clamour
Middle Cornish (Cernewec) garm = a cry, shout, outcry
garme = to shout, raise a shout, cry aloud, cry out
Cornish (Kernewek) ger [ɡɛːr/ɡeːr] = word, saying, report
gerdhal = dyslexic
gerdhalni = dyslexia
gerlyver = dictionary
garm = to shout, whoop, yell
garm argemynna = (advertising) slogan
garm vresel = battle cry
garm wormola = ovation
garma = to cry out, whoop, yell
garma yn lowen = to cheer
Old Breton gerent = word. say
Middle Breton guer = word
garm = loud crying, yelping of a fox, war cry, cry
garmadeg, garmadenn = clamour
garmer = to cry, crying, brawler
garmiñ = to cry, bellow, yelp
Breton (Brezhoneg) ger [ɡeːr] = word
geriadur = dictionary
garm = cry, clamour, weeping

Etymology: from the Proto-Indo-European *ǵeh₂r- (to call,cry) [source]. The English words garrulous (excessively talkative), care and charm (sound of many voices (esp. of birds or children), a flock or group (esp. of finches)) come from the same PIE root [source].

Words marked with a * are reconstructions.

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