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My name is Simon, I live in Bangor in Wales and earn my living from Omniglot, an online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages. More about me.

Simon dw i, dw i’n byw ym Mangor yng Nghymru, a dw i’n ennill fy mywoliaeth o fy wefan, Omniglot, gwyddoniadur ar-lein o systemau ysgrifennu ac ieithoedd. Mwy amdanaf.

Simon is ainm dom, tá mé i mo chónaí i mBangor sa Bhreatain Bhig, agus tá mé ag saothrú mo bheatha ó Omniglot, ciclipéid ar líne córais scríbhneoireachta agus teangacha. Níos mó fúmsa.

Is mise Simon neo Sìm, tha mi a’ fuireach ann am Bangor anns a’ Chuimrigh, agus tha mi a’ dèanamh bith-beò à làrach-lìn agam, Omniglot, leabhar-eòlais air loidhne air siostaman sgrìobhaidh is cànain. Barrachd uman.

Mish Simon, ta mee cummal ayns Bangor ayns Vretin, as ta my çheet-stiagh çheet voish my ynnyd-eggey, Omniglot, kicklipaid coryssyn screeuee as çhengaghyn er yn eddyr-voggyl. Tooilley mychione aym.

Ow hanow yw Simon. Trigys ov vy yn Bangor yn Kembra, ha my a dhendyl ow bewnans dre an wiasva, Omniglot. Moy manylyon ahanav.

Hear me speaking this text.

About me in other languages.

I am fluent in Welsh and Irish, fairly competent in Scottish Gaelic and Manx, and have a basic knowledge of Breton and Cornish. My aim with this site is to learn more about these languages, to find connections between them, and to share that knowledge with you.

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. I love this site. I am an American with an interest in Celtic languages and especially Proto-Brythonic and Welsh etymologies and cognates in non-Celtic languages. Keep up the good work! I will keep coming back.

  2. Simon, it’s been a pleasure for me to have had an opportunity to assist you in whatever ways I could. You’ve returned the favor many times over with all of your assistance in my own efforts. You are literally the first web site I check each day. I always wonder, “what new language has Simon unveiled today?” There is always something new and fascinating to learn and discover here.

    I continue to marvel at the extraordinary level and attention to detail you have lavished on this site. It’s a remarkable accomplishment, and you have my congratulations.

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