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What's that character on the scroll?

The homepage of this site features an image of a scroll with a glyph on it which changes each time you visit, refresh or reload the page. To make this happen I'm using a bit of Javascript.

If you're wondering what the glyph are and which script they come from, see below:

Arabic letter shin

Script: Arabic
Name: shin
Latin transcription: sh/š
Pronunciation: [ ʃ ]

Armenian letter toh

Script: Armenian
Name: toh
Latin transcription: tʻ
Pronunciation: [ tʻ ]

Avestan letter shha

Script: Avestan
Latin transcription: shha

Coptic letter shai

Script: Coptic
Name: shai
Latin transcription: sh
Pronunciation: [ ʃ ]

Chinese character for character/word/letter Writing systems: Chinese, Japanese and Korean
Latin transcription: zì / ji / ja
Pronunciation: [ tŝ ] / [ ʤi ] / [ ʤa ]
Meaning: character, letter, word
Devanagari letter cha

Script: Devanagari
Latin transcription: cha
Pronunciation: [ cʰ ]

Fraktur letter G

Script: Fraktur
Name: uppercase g
Latin equivalent: G

Greek letter Psi

Script: Greek
Name: Psi
Latin transcription: ps
Pronunciation: [ ps ]

Gujarati letter ja

Script: Gujarati
Latin transcription: ja
Pronunciation: [ ʤə ]

Gurmukhi letter la

Script: Gurmukhi
Latin transcription: la
Pronunciation: [ l ]

Hebrew letter alef

Script: Hebrew
Name: alef
Latin transcription: ˒
Pronunciation: [ ʔ/Ø ]

Irish Uncial g

Script: Irish Uncial
Latin equivalent: g

Khmer letter tho

Script: Khmer
Latin transcription: tho

Chinese character for writing, book, etc. Writing systems: Chinese, Japanese and Korean
Latin transcription: shū, ka(ku)/sho, seo/sŏ
Pronunciation: [ ʂu ], [ kaku/ʃo ], [ sʌ ]
Meaning: writing, book, to write, letter, document, script
Korean word mal (language/speech)

Script: Korean (Hangeul)
Latin transcription: mal
Pronunciation: [ mal ]
Meaning: language/speech

Mongolian word üge, meaning 'word/speech'

Script: Mongolian
Cyrillic: үгэ
Latin: üge
Meaning: word/speech

The letter Y in an Old English-style typeface

Script: Old English
Latin equivalent: Y

Phoenician letter aleph

Script: Phoenician
Name: 'ālef
Latin transcription: '
Pronunciation: [ ʔ ]

Sarati letter dh

Script: Sarati
Latin transcription: dh
Pronunciation: [ ð ]

Syriac ligature taw-alap

Script: Syriac
Name: taw-alap
Latin transcription: ta
Pronunciation: [ tʔ ]

Tagalog letter la

Script: Tagalog
Latin transcription: la
Pronunciation: [ la ]

Tai Dam letter ng

Script: Tai Dam
Latin transcription: ng
Pronunciation: [ ŋ ]

New Tai Lue letter a

Script: New Tai Lue
Latin transcription: a

Telugu letter ii

Script: Telugu
Latin transcription: ī
Pronunciation: [ iː ]

Tengwar letter calma

Script: Tengwar
Name: Calma
Latin transcription: c

Thai letter yo ying

Script: Thai
Name: yo ying (ญ หญิง)
Latin transcription: y/n
Pronunciation: [ j/n ]

Tibetan letter smra

Script: Tibetan
Latin transcription: smra
Pronunciation: [ má ]
Meaning: to speak

Ugartic letter s2c

Script: Ugaritic
Name: delta
Latin transcription: d

Vietnamese a with a dipping-rising tone

Script: Vietnamese
Description: a with a dipping-rising tone
Pronunciation: [ ă ]

Egyptian Hieroglyphs for writing

Script: Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Meaning: writing

Runic letter fehu

Script: Runic
Name: fehu
Latin transcription: f
Meaning: wealth

Cyrillic letter zhe

Script: Cyrillic
Name: Жэ / Žė
Latin transcription: ž
Pronunciation: [ ʒ ]

Bengali letter nya

Script: Bengali
Latin transcription: ña
Pronunciation: [ ɲɔ ]

Oriya letter bha

Script: Oriya
Latin transcription: bha
Pronunciation: [ bʱɔ ]

Tamil letter i

Script: Tamil
Latin transcription: i
Pronunciation: [ i ]

Malayalam letter aa

Script: Malayalam
Latin transcription: ā
Pronunciation: [ aː ]

Georgian letter čar

Script: Georgian
Name: čar
Latin transcription: č
Pronunciation: [ ʧʼ ]

Old Church Slavonic letter jęsŭ

Script: Old Church Slavonic
Name: jęsŭ
Latin transcription: ję
Pronunciation: [ iɛ̃ ]

Balinese letter ja

Script: Balinese
Pronunciation: [ ɟʱ, ɟ ]

Lontara letter ya

Script: Lontara
Latin transcription: ya
Pronunciation: [ ja ]

Meroitic hieroglyph for d

Script: Meroitic
Latin transcription: d

Ethiopic letter ña

Script: Ethiopic
Latin transcription: ña
Pronunciation: [ ɲa ]

Mandaic letter pa

Script: Mandaic
Name: pa
Latin transcription: p

Sabaean letter ṣ

Script: Sabaean
Latin transcription: ṣ

Etruscan letter th

Script: Etruscan
Latin transcription: th

Glagolitic letter izhitsa

Script: Glagolitic
Name: izhitsa
Latin transcription: ü

Naxi Dongba symbol for book/look

Script: Naxi Dongba script
Meaning: book/look

Ranjana letter om

Script: Ranjana
Latin transcription: om

Jurchen glyph bithhhe meaning writing

Script: Jurchen
Latin transcription: bithhe Meaning: writing

a Tangut/Hsihsia glyph

Script: Tangut/Hsihsia

Jurchen glyph bithhhe meaning writing

Script: Cherokee
Latin transcription: dla

Carrier symbol for tṣi

Script: Carrier/Déné
Latin transcription: tṣi

Kpelle symbol for gbɛ

Script: Kpelle
Latin transcription: gbɛ

Loma symbol for sɛ

Script: Loma
Latin transcription: sɛ

Omniglot in VEC

Script: Vertical English Character and Calligraphy (VEC)
Transliteration: Omniglot

Omniglot in VEC

Script: Harta
Transliteration: GG

Proto Sinaitc letter haw (h)

Script: Proto-Sinaitic/Proto-Canaanite
Name: haw
Latin transcription: h


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