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Useful phrases in Eastern Assyrian

A collection of useful phrases in Eastern Assyrian, a member of the Aramaic branch of Afro-Asiatic languages spoken in Iraq, Syria, south east Turkey and north west Iran.

You can see them in many other languages by clicking on the English versions.

Key to abbreviations: m = said to men; f = said to women; pl = plural (said to more than one person).

English Lishana Ashuraya (Eastern Assyrian)
Welcome "B'shena Teeloukh (m), Teelakh (f), Teelokhoun (pl)
Hello Shlamaloukh (m), Shlamalakh (f) Shlamalokhoun (pl)
How are you? Dakheet?
I'm fine thanks, and you? Ana spy een, atin?
Basima Spy, U' Atin? (m)
Basimta Spy, U' Atin? (f)
Long time no see Min kma Dana lekh Khizyeh Oudaleh
What's your name? Modeeleh Shimoukh (m), Shimmakh (f)
My name is ... Shimmi ileh ...
Where are you from? Min Eket?
I'm from ... Ana min ... iwin
Pleased to meet you B'Ghdayen B' Tpaqtan
Good morning Qedamta Brihkta (Blessed Morning)
Good afternoon Yuma Brikha (Good Day)
Good evening Ramsha Brikha
Good night Ramsha Brikha
Goodbye Push B'shena (S), Poushoun B'Shena (pl)
Good luck Risqa Spai
Cheers/Good health! B'Khouboukh (m), B' Khoubakh (f), (B'Khoubokhoun )(pl)
Have a nice day Yoomoukh Brikha (m) Yoomakh Brikha (f) Yoomokhoun Brikha (pl)
Bon appetit Naniloukh (m), "Nanilakh (f), "Nanilokhoun (pl)
Bon voyage Sappar "B'Salamatuta
I understand Parmuyen
I don't understand Len parmuyeh
I don't know Le Yaddin, Le Yaddan
Please speak more slowly In Basmaloukh, Basmalakh, Hamzim Nikha
Please say that again In Basmaloukh, Basmalakh, Mourra Kha Gai Khita
Please write it down In Basmaloukh, Basmalakh, Ktoula
Do you speak English? Ki Hamzimit, Hamzimat Inglish?
Do you speak Assyrian? Ki Hamzimit, Hamzimat Surit/Ashurit?
Yes, a little Heh, Khacha
Speak to me in Assyrian Hamzim Minni B'Ashurit/B'Surit
How do you say ... in Assyrian? Dakhi Amrin, Amran ... B'Ashurit/B'Surit?
Excuse me Paqditli
How much is this? Awwa B' Kma ileh?
Sorry Pakhalta
Please In Basmaloukh (m), In Basmalakh (f), In Basmalokhoun (pl)
Thank you Basima (m), Basimta (f), Basimeh (pl)
Reply Le Daqra / B'Shena
Where's the toilet? Keleh Bet Nyakha?
This gentleman/lady will pay for everything Awwa Myouqra B'Parrila koulla (gentleman)
Ayya Myouqurta B'Parriyala Koulla (lady)
Would you like to dance with me? Maghbat Raqdat? (f), Maghbit Raqdit? (m)
I miss you Moukhneeyen (m), Moukhneeten (f)
I love you Ki Bayyinakh (m>f), Ki Bayyanoukh (f>m)
Get well soon Peshit Bsima (m), Peshat Bsimta Qourba Dana (f)
Go away! Khoush Makha!
Leave me alone! Shoukli B'Noshi!
Help! Hayyarta!
Fire! Nura!
Stop! Kli/Basa!
Call the police! Qri, Qre Polica!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ida Brikha U' Rish Shita Khatta Brikha!
Happy Easter Brikhta Qyamta D' Maran
Happy Birthday Brikha Bit Yaldoukh, Yaldakh
One language is never enough Kha Lishana Lele Malyana

Phrases provided by Alen Barsin

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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