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Languages and jobs in Spain

According to an article I found the other day, a knowledge of languages is required for 27% of jobs in Spain, and the language most in demand is English. So if you speak English and Spanish and would like to work in Spain, there should be plenty of jobs you could apply for. The article, […]

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Bilingual Radio

Today we have a guest post from James P. in Chile: I was listening to Catalan radio the other day (long story: short version, I’m thinking of whether to live in Spain and if I can be bothered with learning Catalan or whether it would just get mixed up in my Spanish). They had interviews […]

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Word of the day – macaronic

At the end-of-course ceilidh at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, one of the Irish guys read a story which was half in English and half in Irish. It was very funny, if you understood both languages; those who didn’t missed quite a lot. Even speakers of Scottish Gaelic found it quite difficult to understand all the Irish […]

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Word of the day – panettone

This week we’ve had a Secret Santa style exchange of gifts at the office. Quite a few of those involved asked for the money to be donated to charity, but there were a few actual presents. Someone very generously gave me what I thought was a large cake, but have since discovered is a kind […]

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Word of the day – pomodoro

pomodoro, noun = tomato One of the things Christopher Columbus brought back from the “New World” was the tomato. People believed that tomatoes were poisonous at first, but had started to fry and eat them like eggplants (aubergines) by the beginning of the 18th century. The Italians gave tomatoes the same nickname as eggplant, pomo […]

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Word of the day – giovanissimi

giovanissimi, noun = young teenagers Related words: gioventù, noun = youth giovane, adjective = young, noun = youth, young man, girl, young woman giovanotto, noun = young man giovanile, adjective = youthful i giovani, noun = the young Antonyms vecchio, adjective = old, noun = old man vecchia, noun = old woman i vecchi, noun […]

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