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Phrygian    Phrygian

Phrygian was an Indo-European language related to Dacian and Thracian and belonging to the Paleo-Balkan branch of languages. It was spoken in Central Asia Minor until about the 5th century AD.

The earliest known inscriptions in Phyrgian date from the 8th century BC and were written in an alphabet derived from Phoenician. The language of these inscriptions is known as Paleo-Phrygian. Later inscriptions, in Neo-Phrygian, were written in a version of the Greek alphabet.

Notable features

Phrygian alphabet

Phrygian alphabet

The Greek and Latin equivalents are shown under each letter, and their pronunciation is given where known.

Sample text in Phrygian

Sample text in Phrygian


Information about the Phrygian language and alphabet

Corpus of Phrygian Inscriptions

Phrygian etymological database

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